1. D

    Newbie Canuck trying to figure DVC stuff out

    Hi friends, I am a BC mom with kids (5 and 8) and I want to do as much Disney time as we can before they are grown and in my hunt for ways to make it affordable (ha ha ha), I’ve learned about DVC rentals. It seems the biggest issue with DVC is booking/getting your travel dates? I...
  2. A

    First time DVC renter looking for advice

    Hi all, First time posting here but I've been reading through the forums for several years while planning various trips. This time around, I've decided to try renting points through a broker for 4 nights in a studio in September 2020. Looking at a BWV pool/garden view during F&W, I had a...
  3. donaldwest

    CLOSED: Points not available. Sorry. 230 Points for Transfer. Asking $17 per point. Old Key West is my home resort. Use by Nov. 2020

    CLOSED: Points not available. Sorry :) Hello All! I have 230 points that needs to be transferred by Nov. 30, 2020 I am asking $17 a point. If you are a DVC member already I can transfer the points to you. If not, there is no other option with me. I find it difficult and time consuming to find...
  4. JHank44

    CLOSED: 170 SSR for rent Dec UY - $15pp

    Update: BLT points gone. Update 2: VGF points gone. I have 170 SSR points for rent at $15/point. All Dec 2018 UY (Dec 1, 2018-Nov 30, 2019). I can book at respective resorts > 7 months in advance and anywhere < 7 months. I am an experienced renter and have references available upon request...
  5. MrInfinity

    54 BLT for Rent / Transfer

    Hi all, With our trip sadly cancelled due to Irma, we have some extra points. If anyone would like to rent or transfer send a PM! $15pp. 54 points for Transfer. You'd have to take all 54. June UY. Good thru May 2018, can be banked for June 2018-May 2019. Also happy to make a reservation for...
  6. BelleF

    Tent rental

    Hi everyone!! We're camping at the Fort on January. This is going to be our first time thereand I'm super excited but I also have some questions. I'm travelling with my dad and my boyfriend, so we need 2 tents. However, we only have one. I read that they rent tents at FW but they seem too big...


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