During our busy day tomorrow, if you have a moment to remember our friend, Sylvia


<font color=blue>"MIS-ter Garibaldi!"<br><font col
Mar 2, 2000
Even after reading and posting this morning to a thread on the garden board about Sylvia, I failed to realize something. Today I was scheduled for (and have now had) my mammogram. It wasn't until I was in the office that I realized the connection. I am looking at this coincidence as a sign that Sylvia is watching over us here at the DIS. Thank you Sylvia.


<font color=blue>My son is a HOTTIE and he got it
Aug 6, 2001
I remember Kyle telling me about Sylvia-it's just when I began to understand the relationship between the DISer's and how you support each other. That's when I decided to join. God Bless Sylvia's friends & famly.


DIS Veteran
Apr 14, 2000
<font face="comic sans ms"> Dan, {{{hugs}}}. I can't believe it's been a year. I missed the announcement because I was still in Florida. Thank you for reminding us. </font>


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