1. M

    Movies playing on Dream Feb 3-7/Tips for Cruising with Toddlers

    Anyone know what movies will be playing? Any tips for cruise with toddlers?
  2. S

    Travelling with a child who has server anxiety

    Hi so my parents and I have travelled to WDW a lot when I was growing up. My husband has been once we are planning to take my daughter who will be 3.5yr next Yr in Sept when we go for 3 weeks. We may also have a baby with us when we go (still working timings out) She has recently been...
  3. T

    Disneyland or Walt Disney World?

    I’m going to make this as short as I can. Backstory, I’ve got myself, spouse & two children who will be 4 & 18 months at the time of travel. We went to WDW last winter, spent 3 days & did everything that we wanted to at all 4 parks. We aren’t foodies, we prefer pizza & burgers to anything that I...
  4. J

    Lactaid sold at OKW/resorts/Disney Springs?

    Greetings all - in a few weeks my family is flying to WDW for 4 days, staying at OKW in a studio. My 14 month old son has lactose sensitivity. He can eat cheese, etc. but needs to drink Lactaid for his milk, 16-20 oz daily. I want to avoid using Prime for what would likely only be that purchase...
  5. L

    Need help planning visit to MK on 10/31

    Hello! I will be sailing on 10/27/19 from NYC to Castaway Cay and then Port Canaveral on 10/31/19. I have a 4 and 5 year old and am a little nervous about the visit to MK on 10/31. Has anyone ever done this with young kids and can give me some tips or helpful suggestions? Some questions that I...
  6. T

    Which DVC Villa to rent?

    So I really want to stay Polynesian Villa BUT I don't like that the 1 bedroom isn't available. I plan to stay for 2 weeks and I want a full kitchen because (crazy I know), Disney food doesn't impress me. It's too expensive and doesn't compare to a basic restaurant, let alone an upscale one but...
  7. T

    Halloween or Christmas??

    Backstory: I’m a huge fan of Halloween & my daughter fears nothing. Her favorite character is maleficent, which would scare most other 3 year olds. My son is 5 months so he may be scared to death of everything at Halloween time next year. My husband & I are trying to decide if we want to do...
  8. T

    Restaurants with 4 toddlers

    Scary title, am I right? 🤣 We’ll be making the trip next September with some great friends. Between both families we will have 3 girls (4, 4 & 3) and a boy (18 months). In the past we’ve done Cinderella’s Royal Table, & Be Our Guest this past January and personally I thought CRT was nice but...
  9. T

    Multi Family Vacation

    I’m planning a vacation for next year. It will include my family of 4 (mom, dad, 4 year & 16 month old) plus another family of 4 (mom, dad, 3 & 4 year old). My family plans to stay at Poly but the other family doesn’t want to spend as much so are looking more toward Riverside. My family enjoyed...
  10. M

    Double stroller and umbrella stroller? Or just double?

    Okay so I’m stuck! I have a double stroller and an umbrella stroller. We’re going to Disney with a 4 year old and 3 month old in December. I’m planning to wear baby as well as put in stroller but days when we wear baby should we use the umbrella stroller or just bring the double?
  11. sunshiinedaydream

    May trip with almost 4yo and 18mo

    So I pulled the trigger and booked a trip to DL with all three of my boys (DH DS3 and DS1). We were frequent visitors previously but haven’t been now in 2.5 years and geez! Disney has been busy! DS was 18mo last time so we he could only go on family rides but now! Now he is JUST 40” tall and I’m...
  12. jrmint427

    It's a Small but Magical World - a Thanksgiving 2018 Trip Report

    Welcome to my latest trip report! I’ll get right into the details… that’s what you’re here for, right?! When: November 21 – November 30 Where: We split our stay between Animal Kingdom Lodge and offsite at a family member’s place Cast of Characters: Myself (Jessica), my husband (Pat), my...
  13. Smilelea

    A Spell Casting, Rocking, Terrible Twos, B'day Disney Exploration – May '18 TR & Sept '18 Mini TR

    Here we go again! I’m back to tell all about our third Disney adventure with our third set of grandparents. We had lots of magical moments as well as a few frustrating moments. Welcome to anyone that wants to read along! :welcome: Let’s begin with introductions. For purposes of making my...
  14. Lizziotti

    1 adult,a 7 year old, and a 15 month old what am I getting myself into???

    November 2017 Trip report One adult with a 7 year old and a 15 month old what am I getting myself into??? This is my first trip report so please bear with me. It’s also way overdue with the holidays and then I was dealing with the flu for several months not even kidding! It just wouldn’t go...
  15. jrmint427

    First Trip With Kids - MNSSHP - F&W Festival - Sept 2017 TR

    Welcome to my trip report! This is my third report, but first since we have had kids. It was a different experience, and so much fun to see the parks through our girls' eyes. One daughter turned 3 on our trip and the other turned 1 a few days later. Why: Why not? Not that we needed a good...
  16. AliceInJerseyLand

    Tips for adding a little Christmas magic??

    Does anyone have any tips for making a holiday trip (or any-time-of-year-trip, really) extra special for young kids? Im thinking maybe a way of decorating the resort room easily (without having to lug a bunch of stuff through the airport) or even something like a cute "welcome letter" from...
  17. xtina!

    Disney with two small toddlers

    Hello and thank you for reading. This may not be the best trip report, it's my first, and I don't have many photos. But perhaps this might help another parent with small kiddos. I'm Christina, and I'm a stay at home mom to two little boys, ages 1 (17 months) and 2 (28 months). I have a wonderful...
  18. kittyklawz

    Advice for Cruising with an Infant

    My fiancé and I are thinking of taking a cruise for our honeymoon next year. It will be our first cruise and we will also have a 1 year old with us (currently pregnant, due in August). I would love to get people's advice who have cruised with a baby of similar age. We are thinking of doing...
  19. allysetraskos

    Attempting a trip with the TERRIBLE TWO's. Nov/Dec 2017

    Welcome to my PTR! So we went on a vacation last year and it was my first time trip reporting, If you want to catch up on what we did last year please check it out: Baby's First Trip; Child Swap Til We Drop!! Nov. 12-22nd 2016 This year we are feeling even more adventurous and plan on attempting...
  20. KTwiegs

    "Riding the Bam Tram" A Toddler's First Trip to the World! Jan. 2016 Completed 2/24

    Hello and Welcome to my very first trip report!!! I am Disboard addict but more of reader then a poster so I thought I would finally do a trip report because I love reading them so much and have helped a TON on our trips so I would like to possibly return the favor! OK! Now for introductions...


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