Where In The World 21. We are now completely legal!!!


DIS Veteran
Jul 16, 2008
better get on it haha

I told Emily about trying to meet up with you guys probably at the Poly on our last day
I did look at scheduling last night on the way to the football game and I think we can make that happen. That will probably be a rope drop HS day for us. We'll spend the morning in line for MF and I'm going to work on early afternoon FP's for a few things. We should be ready for a break in the late afternoon so we could bus over to the Poly and rest while we wait for y'all there. Want to be back in HS in early evening for Jingle Jam. We MAY have a road trip tomorrow with Redstorm for soccer (her parents will be out of town and we still "chauffeur" her in the Houston area if she decides to go) and that will give me an hour to look over scheduling. :tink:

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