Earning My Ears
Jul 11, 2019
Does Disney take all proposals seriously? Just curious, if someone proposes with a candy ring would they react the same as with a real ring? This guy’s idea is to propose at Disney and pick an actual ring after the couple returns home. Of course they want pictures and attention because this will be an actual engagement. Any info is appreciated!


Earning My Ears
Aug 10, 2018
Is there more context for what the actual plan is? Ie what are you looking for Disney to do in response to the proposal happening, or are you looking for help from their team in executing it etc?


DIS Veteran
Jan 1, 2009
Does it have to be candy? If he’s worried they won’t take it seriously, he could get a $5 fake one that looks real enough to anybody from a distance. Nobody is going to ask to hold it. We saw one proposal in the rose garden during fireworks one night, and the CMs and Photopass CMs were in on it, and all set to make it extra special.


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