Odd/funny DL Tokyo rule


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Apr 2, 2009
I've been to every Disney park in the world. DL Anaheim ("The original") is my favorite followed by DL Tokyo. I was there eleven years ago and happened to notice two odd rules: all tattoos must be covered and no member of organized crime groups allowed. Wow. That's a problem at DL Tokyo? Actually, both are symbols of yakuza (the Japanese mafia) membership.
Japan DL.jpg

As an aside, a friend's wife is Japanese. In Japan, a stunted pinkie ("yubitsume") signifies membership in the yakuza. She was a hostess at a restaurant once when a guy came in. She asked him "How many?" and he help up three fingers. "Ah, three," she replied as she picked up a trio of menus. "No," he corrected her. "Four." That's when she realized that one of his pinkies was missing. Yow!


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Sep 9, 2013
Well I guess my tattooed family would have to be wearing long sleeves! I wonder how fully that rule is enforced


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