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  • Forever a Princess

    One bottle of ketchup is not enough!
    Mar 25, 2002
    Please enjoy reading my South Africa Blog March 2010!!!!

    Part 1 Cape Town
    Cape Town

    Part 2 To George by George
    To George by George

    Part 3 In George by George
    In George by George

    Part 4 Knysna Monkeyland and Birds of Eden
    Knysna Monkeyland and Birds of Eden l

    Part 5 Knysna Featherbed and Elephant Ride
    Knysna Featherbed and Elephant Ride l

    Part 6 To Kapama Safari Lodge
    To Kapama Safari Lodge

    Part 7 The Big Five
    The Big Five!!!! l

    Part 8 The Day of the Leopard
    The Day of the Leopard

    Part 9 Sale Kahle
    Sale Kahle

    Part 10 The Best of the Best! My Favorites
    The Best of the Best!

    A Big Thank You to Say Hello!!!! She helped me with the computer tekkie stuff to get the post to look this way!!!!


    He's the Mickey to my Minnie
    Sep 14, 2006
    My husband I were lucky enough to experience our very first Adventures by Disney Tour with the Podcast Crew (Pete, Walter, Kevin and John) and 44 DISers.

    DISCLAIMER: Your CA Backstage Magic Tours may or may not include everything we did.
    SPOILER ALERT: This Trip Report goes into detail about the Tour.

    Here's our Trip Report ... Link HERE

    :wizard: Enjoy!


    <a href="" targ
    DIS Lifetime Sponsor
    Jul 20, 2002
    I hope it is OK, but I am posting a link to my blog which has a video photo montage I made of our experiences on the Backstage Magic tour. It is very large, too large for YouTube.

    Please note that it is very detailed and contains spoilers of surprises on the trip. Also, during each adventure there is the opportunity for special Magic, which may not be available or offered to other groups.

    I loved the entire trip - and plan to do it again someday!:love:


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