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Jun 15, 2015
Hey y'all! I am a huge fan of Disney World, been there four times and love everything about it! I'm new here, like days new... any recommendations? Where can I go to get Disney stories from other people and just talk about Disney in general? How do y'all get your Disney fix when you're not there?
Hi welcome to disboards, you can find the trip reports all over the website usually


Earning My Ears
Aug 3, 2019
Hey my name is Leigh and I am a 13 year old Thingamabob who loves everything about Disney. I hope to meet others who love Disney as much as me here on this forum.
  • sosodef809

    Earning My Ears
    Dec 5, 2019
    Hi, my name is Allison.

    I have been lurking on here for quite some time. I went to Disney World once as a young child but unfortunately I don’t really remember it and then I went to Disneyland once so far as an Adult. My big goal right now is to spend Christmas at Disney World some year, go to the Very Merry Christmas party and check out all of the wonderful decorations. I haven’t decided on the year yet but it hasn’t stopped me from researching and planning.

    I find it hard to come up with questions to ask or to jump into conversations because so far I have been able to find all the answers to my questions just by reading many threads over a period of time. What a wonderful forum with so much great information.


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