YOAMD-DVC Winners Trip Report


Mike & Jessica YOAMD Winners
Mar 6, 2008
Just back from 4 GREAT days at SSR. This resort is the most amazing place on earth. We are in total love with our "home!"

Thurs: Arrive at SSR, and are greeted with Welcome Home. We had DVC Winner pins, and the staff asked us what we won. We explained what had happened, how we won, and they cheered for us. It was really emotional. We were there at 10:30, and our room was ready, the Grandstand Section. We went to Artist Pallette to eat (we LOVED the flatbreads) and when our cast member asked about the pins, and we told her, she yelled out to the entire place and we got a standing ovation. We were overwhelmed. We went to our room. BEAUTIFUL!!!! As for those saying SSR is too big, NO WAY. We loved it. We loved walking around, and admiring everything. We just spent the day relaxing. We took the boat to DD, and shopped. We then went over to the MK, and took the boat to Wilderness Lodge. What an amazing place. We ate at Whispering Canyon, our ONLY disappointment. We sat in the outer spot, and did not get to enjoy any of the "fun." I even asked for Ketchup, and our waitress said "we dont do that out here." Disappointing. Then back to the room for MUCH needed sleep. OH, did I mention, when we got home to our room, there was a welcome home basket from the front desk staff? Had 2 mugs, movie, cocoa, snacks, and a nice DISNEY portfolio. Great treatment!!

Fri: Up early (GREAT nite sleep in those beds) and off to Chef Mickeys. As always, great time. Then to the MK to ride Haunted Mansion, our first time since the rehab, and WOW...Great. Then to philharmagic, our favorite. Then it was off to AK to ride everest. Never disappoints, we had a ball!! Then back for relaxing and swimming, then on to Epcot. Did all the rides, LOVE Spaceship Earth with the new screens!! All over people asked about what we won, and we told them. IT was a great feeling!!!! Home to bed....

Sat: Up and off to the DVC center to meet our guide, Aldemar. We also toured the new AKL villas, GORGEOUS rooms...Our guide was great, even handed us some fast passes and had the van take us to Hollywood Studios...Once there, right to Toy Story. It was closed, and a CM asked us about our pins...We told her, she said that was great, wait there, and 1 minute later, TOY STORY OPENED!!!! We rode it twice...WOW, what an amazing ride!!! IT was great...Then off to the Tower where we used our fast passes...No wait..Instant fast pass...Those are nice...Did the usuals at Hollywood, then back to relax....Ate at Turf Club, best Burgers were ever ate!!!!! Then off to the MK, for Pirates, and other rides....Great time...

We can honestly say this is the BEST prize anyone could ever win....We enjoyed it immensley, and everyone treated us like gold....We cannot wait to go back in December!!!!!



I <font color=red>♥</font> Disney<br><font color=d
Dec 13, 2007
Sounds wonderful. Congratulations!! I'm so glad it was so magical!
  • phisigprincess

    <font color=red>Finally a vet!<br><font color=gree
    Nov 3, 2003
    I am completely jealous, but so happy for you! Glad it's absolutely wonderful. :)


    DIS Veteran
    Aug 14, 2005
    Congratulations!!! How awesome!!
    Just curious, how many points a year did you get awarded? We are looking into purchasing the DVC membership.
  • kathymc

    <font color=indigo><font color=teal>Dances in the
    Oct 4, 1999
    wow - how awesome - how did you win? in the park or via mail?


    Disney Dreamin
    May 21, 2008
    You guys are so amazingly lucky!
    Oh, and if you are ever tired of vacationing, I'd be more than willing to fill
    in for ya ;) :)
  • abeyst

    DIS Veteran
    Jan 7, 2002
    Mail.....we won via postcard.....
    No way! That is so awesome!

    And congrats on a GREAT prize - and a magical 1st trip Home! You'll love being members! Watch out for add-on-itis... it hits quick and fast! ;)


    DIS Veteran
    May 31, 2007
    Congrats!!!! I would have loved to win the DVC membership. I'm happy for you, but sad for me.


    <font color=deeppink>I thought Oklahoma was evil f
    Mar 9, 2007
    Glad to see that true Disney lovers won the grand prize!!


    DIS Veteran
    Jun 19, 2007
    Welcome back and so glad to see your trip was wonderful!!! How exciting!!! And think of all those trips to come!!! :thumbsup2


    <font color=green>Ratted out her husband's lack of
    Mar 31, 2008
    What an amazing dream you won! I am so happy for you and your family!


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