Where is all the merchandise??

Have you noticed any change in the availability of merchandise on your recent trip?

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Earning My Ears
Jun 28, 2016
I just got back from my 10th trip to WDW in the last 8 years and I am was surprised by the lack of merchandise items that I was looking to purchase. I don't think I've ever had a problem finding things to buy at Disney!!

I was there for 6 days just before Halloween. We stayed at Coronado Springs. I will start with Coronado...the gift shop there is VERY sparse. I know they are in the midst of a remodel but there were acres between the displays in the store and hardly anything to buy.

We went to Food and Wine and also the MNSSHP. Both events were short on merchandise. I wanted the Food and Wine kitchen towels that I had seen online and they were nowhere to be found. The original prizes for the Remy Hide and Seek were out as well. There was a cute replacement in the can cozy though.

At the Halloween Party they were completely out of event pins and adult size t-shirts in any size but small. When you are the paying the premium prices for the Halloween party especially close to Halloween and there are no pins left that is pretty sad. The cast member even told me to go to guest services and complain about the lack of t-shirts and pins.

Some other things we were looking for, that we get every time we come, were the 2018 vinyl photo frame magnets and 2018 pins. I was told by a couple different cast members in the parks and at Disney Springs that the pins were all gone. I guess this year there was a set of four, 2 of the four characters were gone. Also the 2018 vinyl frames were sold out as well. They even looked for me to find some in the park....all gone they said. It's only October and 2018 merchandise is sold out? :(

Has anyone else noticed this? Do you think that it's because they ordered less or is it busier than other years?

I enjoyed my trip but I did miss picking up those souvenirs that I have created a collection out of and now will be short the 2018 additions. Let me know your thoughts.


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