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May 21, 2001
Booked a night for next December's trip and was wondering what we get.



Oct 28, 1999
Breakfast - big bowl of fresh fruit (good stuff), coffee, juice, bagels, muffins, doughnuts, cream cheese.
Afternoon - wine and beer (again good stuff), hot and cold snacks (different each day of our 4 night stay).
Late night - cookies and milk
Cokes, water, coffee all day.
The concierge staff were there - may or may not greet you as you walk in, but always were willing to take time if you asked a question or had a request.
Newpapers and magazines available, also DVD's. I think there were more amenities - we just didn't have time to try them all out.
We thought it was great!


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May 18, 2000
You must of been there when they filmed for the travel channel show. Cause we didn't see half of that stuff! And the CD's etc.. where under lock and key only for the special celebrity guest, not just anyone (we were told).

Our visit was in September 6 & 7, 2001 and I am not kidding we got for our yummy cookies "oreos" and not even double stuff! I am not sure exactly how this happened or why, was the kitchen closed?, did they forget? did someone bring them in from home? Last minute trip to the market for the concerige lounge?

We were also told the "ice machine is broken" then said "you can call star service or room service for ice, or go to another floor and look for another ice machine, they are on alternating floors".

We were not real impressed, But the view from our windows to the park were good, over looking the pool. Maybe cause it was "off season" they were taking a break?

Wish things were as wonderful as the last poster! Maybe it got better. Last august we went to PortoFino Bay and had a villa room it was wonderful!


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    Sep 15, 2002
    We stayed on the Club Level over Christmas and it was wonderful- just as GSLand posted. The CD's are locked up but if you wish to borrow one, you just sign it out. I also liked the turn down service. They leave little trinkets on your pillow along with a little goodnight message. The kids loved it. Our room did not face the pool but we had a front row seat for the fireworks every night. I can't say one negative thing. We loved it!!


    Aug 15, 2000
    My sons and I were there in June of 2002 and we had a similar experience as GSland. I agree the cookies at nighttime are a little disappointing but the breakfast selection and other snacks made up for it.


    Sep 1, 2002
    We were just at HRH Club Level from Jan. 11th to the 15th 2003. We had a great experience at the club level. I was told we could borrow a maximum of 5 CD's to take back to our room. (I am not a celebrity in any way) You could watch DVD's in the club lounge. The cookie selection was: oreos, store bought chocolate chips, fresh baked oatmeal raisin, fresh baked white chocolate macadamia nut, & fresh baked peanut. I thought the selection was adequate and the cookies were good, but we had the exact same selections every night with no variation.

    I will definately post a report when I have a chance.


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    Mar 9, 2000
    July 2001 we were in Club Level. I have to say I loved breakfast selections. Evening selections were cheese and crackers and nothing more. Evening cookies were oreos, nutter butters (wow, I love getting peanut shaped cookies on vacation) and there were a few crumbs from what I figure was the homebaked stuff. I was appauled by the way the people on that floor acted. They were like starved wolves.....grabbing not just one or 2 of a thing, but platesful and going back to their rooms with them (maybe they were storing up for the trip home?). And the evening beer, etc.....I never seen a time a person just left with one......more like 3-4 bottles. If you were not waiting for the food and beverage when it first became available, you missed out on the *good stuff*. I realize people pay for this, but geez, it's not like HRH staff is quick to replace it. You either get there when it first comes out, or you don't get any at all. My son did enjoy using the key in the elevator to get to club floor. Hubby likes staying there too. Turn down service was nice. Nice robes and we also got the surprise on the pillows for the kids at night. Each day there was a fresh supply of ice in our ice bucket as well. We asked staff for directions to nearest Wal-Mart and were given bad directions. Ok, so I know not to ask for anything difficult....just ask for simple stuff like when park opens, etc. I gotta say the smell of bacon at 5 something AM is heavenly, but makes you want to eat really early. We must have had a room right above the kitchen, although, the room view was that of the cover to the entrance of the hotel. I am not complaining. We were upgraded due to overbooking. Was supposed to get pool view for regular room and that was what I really wanted, so I guess I got fair trade......free food and drink for crappy view. Will I stay club level again? For me, it would be nice, but I have stayed garden view a few other times and was just as nice, but just no free food and drink. Maybe you can get room service for cheaper unless you really like the key in the elevator :D . I would have to give it special thought before paying that much difference although hubby and son would jump at the chance. Club level could use some improvements.
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