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Oct 15, 2015
Forgive me if I missed this, but how did your Tailwind gel go? Are you dropping e-gels for SIS now?
The Tailwind gel is working alright. I've been mixing at 1 scoop per 1 oz. The solution is saturated. It's like a mixture of two different liquids at different densities (like oil and water). So if you shake it, it appears momentarily to be in solution. But given time, the solution will settle out. But the powder of Tailwind is not chunky, it's somewhat in solution. It is VERY sweet. Like eating warheads or a ton of sweettarts at once. And older picture but still relevant.


SIS Beta Fuel is under consideration as a carb loading source and as a pre-race bolus dose. The difference between SIS Beta and Maurten is that SIS Beta contains all of the electrolytes and Maurten only has sodium. I've only used the SIS once and it didn't mix very well into solution (very chunky). So it remains to be seen whether this will be a long term solution.

E-Gel is not out of the picture though. It's the plan to use E-Gel late in training runs and racing.


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Jan 12, 2017
G had a great time fishing for the first time. She caught 18 fish all be her self. I think this experience set an unrealistic expectation about how you literally put the bait into the puddle and then get a fish within 5 seconds.
Our daycare took the kids fishing at a trout farm and they had a similar speed and ease. A second trip elsewhere cured them of their enthusiasm and my need to clean and cook them.
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    Oct 15, 2015
    Wow, those shoes sound amazing! Glad to hear you had a good experience with them :)
    Definitely unlike anything I've worn before. I think I noticed the difference the most on flat/downhills. During the uphill portions they seemed more like the other shoes I wear.


    Oct 24, 2017
    I'd venture to guess our second experience will be similar.
    My husband tells the story of when he and his two brothers were kids and went fishing. It was catch-and-release. He swears that he and his brothers all caught the same dumb pufferfish repeatedly that day and apparently there were no other fish in the pond... (or maybe all the other fish were smart?) None of them currently care to fish.
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    Oct 15, 2015
    21 Weeks to Go! (21 Jump Street) + TrainerRoad High Volume Full Triathlon Plan Week 7/28 + 80 Day Obsession - Phase 2/Week 3

    8/12/19 - M - OFF
    8/13/19 - T - 80DO-AAA + Spruce Knob (90 min; 94 TSS)
    8/14/19 - W - 55 min Easy (+Strides) Run
    8/15/19 - R - Gibralter (105 min; 112 TSS) + 30 min Brick Run at Easy
    8/16/19 - F - 80DO-Total Body Core + Mist (90 min; 108 TSS)
    8/17/19 - Sa - Longfellow (240 min; 180 TSS) + 35 min Evening Run at Easy
    8/18/19 - Su - 120 min Long Run w/ FF + 80DO-Cardio Flow

    Total Run Miles - 28.8 miles
    Total Run Time - 4:00 hours
    Total Run TSS - 260 TSS

    Total Biking Time - 8:45 hours
    Total Biking TSS - 494 TSS

    Total 80DO Time - 2:54 hours
    Total 80DO TSS - 34 TSS

    Total Training Time - 15:39 hours
    Total TSS - 788 TSS


    Off day.


    80DO-AAA in 3 sets of 10 within each series and then move to the next one.

    Series 1 - Bilateral Press, Alt Unilateral Press, Lateral Raise, Y, Lat Side Bend, Standing Weight Knee Drive, Loop Standing Donkey, Forearm Plank Jumping Jacks
    Series 2 - Chest Press, Fly, Kickback in Plank, Tricep Pushup, Corkscrew, Teaser, 1st Pos. Bridge, Single Leg Bridge w/ Loop
    Series 3 - Pullovers, Renegade Row, Curls, Turned Out Curls, Loop Scissor Twist, V Leg Raise, Narrow Bridge Clam, Straight Leg Curls

    Cycling: Spruce Knob is 2x30-minute intervals at 85% FTP with a 6-minute recovery between each. RPM at 87. The 85% FTP is on the high end of Half Ironman bike leg tempo per Training Peaks.


    Morning: Off

    Evening Run:
    Conditions - ☁ Overcast, Wind 9mph to 9mph
    Start: Temp+Dew = 69°F + 60°F; FL - 69°F
    End: Temp+Dew = 69°F + 58°F; FL - 69°F

    55 min at Easy w/ 9 x 30 sec Max sprints. Did about a 4 mile WU at 8:45 pace around a HR of 137. G decided not to join me on today's sprints. Sprints came back at 28.3, 26.7, 26.3, 26.4, 25.7, 26.0, 26.0, and 25.7. I think the first one was a little longer than the others. Pace wise they were between 4:54 and 5:19. Then I did one last longer one to test out a route for the 60 sec Max runs that are coming in two weeks. Ended up being 37.8 seconds for a 5:00 min/mile at 0.13 miles. So going to have to add some distance to that route to get to 60 seconds. Ended up being 6.2 miles in 55 min.


    Brick activity over 2 hours so I took the day off from work.

    Cycling: Gibraltar is 105 minutes of continuous riding where you'll spend 90 minutes between 80-85% FTP. RPM at 82. Based on the graph I think I was having a lot of cadence interference. It looks like several dropouts caused the RPM to appear lower than reality.

    Brick Run (immediately after cycling):
    Conditions - ☀ Clear, Wind 1mph to 1mph
    Start: Temp+Dew = 70°F + 58°F; FL - 70°F
    End: Temp+Dew = 71°F + 58°F; FL - 70°F

    Transition = 7 min

    Decided to take this one nice and easy. 3.5 miles in 30 min (8:29 pace) at HR of 139.


    80DO-Total Body Core in 3 sets of 10 within each series and then move to the next one.

    Series 1 (Shoulder) - Squat/Row/Twist/Row, Kneeling Lunge Clean & Press, Quad Ped Opposite Arm Knee Crunch
    Series 2 (Chest) - Chest Press to Half Turkish Get-up, Spider Man Push-ups, Frog Sliders
    Series 3 (Back) - "T" to Single-Leg Hip Hinge, Lat Pull Over w/ Leg Raise, Weighted Plank Hip Drop
    Series 4 (Biceps) - Low Twisting Lunge Hammer Curl, Press Out to Curl, Weighted Standing Torso Rotation
    Series 5 (Triceps) - Crab Position Tricep Dip to Sit Through, Alternating Skull Crusher with Bicycle Legs, French Twist

    Cycling: Mist is 6x3-minute VO2max repeats at 120% FTP with 3-minute recoveries between intervals. The main set is bookended with fairly long stretches of Endurance work. RPM at 92. A nice challenging workout. Holding 120% for 3 min is always a challenge. Very much like a Daniels I workout. Once you get past about 1.5 min the difficulty ramps up greatly.


    Cycling: Longfellow is 4 hours of aerobic Endurance riding spent between 65-75% FTP. RPM at 85. Consumed 800 calories of Tailwind, one peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat, and one nature valley chocolate/pb bar. Felt good throughout the ride. Got off the bike for about 1 min of walking around at 90 min, 135 min, 180 min, and 225 min. In total, the indoor trainer said I did 63.4 miles.

    Went and saw Angry Birds 2 with G and Steph. It was a decent movie and had its moments.

    Evening Run:
    Conditions - ☀ Clear, Wind 4mph to 4mph
    Start: Temp+Dew = 79°F + 61°F; FL - 79°F
    End: Temp+Dew = 78°F + 62°F; FL - 79°F

    3.9 miles in 35 min (8:57 min/mile) w/ HR of 133. Even before I looked at the stats I could tell this run was different. It felt smooth and like my old self. Pace wise it's not necessarily where I was at before. But it felt "right". With a 3% pace adjustment for the T+D it puts me only 5 seconds per mile off EA pace for 3:05 marathon pace. So it's no wonder why it felt "right". Seems like it's close to being on schedule. The plan started 8 weeks ago. Usually this is the time in training that the peaking cycle starts to happen and when you enter the danger zone of cardiovascular gains vs muscular/skeletal gains. So funny that I can "feel" that change happening without even thinking about it or knowing in advance. And to have that feeling after a 4 hour bike ride is certainly a bonus.


    Morning Run:
    Conditions - ⛅ Mostly Cloudy, Wind 8mph to 11mph
    Start: Temp+Dew = 67°F + 64°F; FL - 67°F
    End: Temp+Dew = 71°F + 64°F; FL - 67°F

    The question for this run was two fold. One, would it even occur given we were forecasted for 12 hours of rain. And two, if the run did occur would I still feel as good running as yesterday. Woke up after 10.5 hours of sleep to thunderstorms. The rain looked like it would possibly end around 9-10am. Thankfully, the skies did clear and I was able to get the run in. I took in one packet of SIS Beta Fuel (80g carbs/ 17oz liquid/ 320 calories) about 10 min before I started running. Then I was off.

    Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 3.12.23 PM.png

    I had no planned pace other than LR effort. The run felt comfortable and a continuation of yesterday's feeling of being back. Smooth. Pace wise I was bouncing around 7:50s. GAP wise it was reasonably evenly paced. Then I came back for the end of the run to do a Fast Finish. I did three loops in the neighborhood at 0.42 miles. 3:14, 3:18, and 3:13. GAP wise it was around M Tempo effort as planned, but HR suggested there was more to give. The last 55 second split was more like M Tempo HR and pace wise was around 7:11 in my Kinvaras. So a good place to be given I think the Next% offer an advantage. Ended up with 15.1 miles in 120 min (7:56 pace) w/ HR of 141 (which is right on target for historical LR pace). With a 2.5% adjustment, I'm about 5 seconds per mile AHEAD of desired LR pace for a 3:05.

    I was awarded with a 55 VO2max score which it had been since May since I was back in that area. So the HR data is coming down. Coming off my second highest bike+run training week this is a great sign. Things definitely seem like they're trending in the right direction. Based on my VO2max - 6 points, this puts me around a 3:14 marathon fitness based on what I've done in the past. Could I run a 3:14 tomorrow? No. But it means I'm heading in the direction with 21 weeks remaining to put myself in a good place.

    80DO-Cardio Flow sort of like stretching. Nice end to the week!

    Coming up is a well earned recovery week. Additionally, I've got my treadmill test on Wednesday to look for running mechanical issues. Excited to see what the PT has to say. The glute is feeling better and while the right knee/hamstring was somewhat bothersome this week, a reintroduction of one of my mainstay post-run stretches seems to have put me back in a good place. Onwards and upwards!
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    Oct 15, 2015
    Had my PT appointment with the treadmill assessment of my running form. Essentially it was decided that when running in my Kinvara 8s (the only shoe he had me try out) I have near perfect running form.

    -Little to no vertical oscillation
    -Eyes forward and not looking down
    -Arms not crossing body with no wasted movement
    -Forward lean in my body
    -Very little movement in my hip height during my stride (so any movement upwards is coming from my hips down)
    -Foot strike nearly directly under my hips (just about a touch too far forward)
    -Landing between my heel and mid-foot
    -Nearly straight leg when viewed from behind upon impact (both knees ever so slightly lean inwards)
    -Foot/ankle roll in and out of foot strike as desired
    -High cadence with little to no wasted movement
    -Slight pelvic drop on both sides upon impact.
    -Legs were slightly too close during most strides when viewed from behind

    There was nothing that I could to to actively change my form during running as the PT was happy with it from head to toe. The only corrective action would be on my slight pelvic drop. This comes from core strength and many of the exercises I've already been doing since November. So the PT said just keep doing what you're doing. It just takes a long time to make improvements there. The only injuries I will have will likely occur from either volume or intensity, not likely from my running form. Since I'm feeling healthy (finally), we see no reason for me to go back to PT unless something pops up again.


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    Jul 23, 2014
    I can't remember if this has been discussed - are you exclusively running in the Kinvara 8's now? If not, I'm curious if maybe your form is different in other shoes and that's what could potentially cause issues.

    Either way, good news that the form is so great in the Kinvaras!


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