Table Service Restaurants that can accommodate WC's and SD's


Mar 4, 2016
Hi everyone,
I'm sorry i haven't been here in a very long time! I've had several very positive things happen to me lately, making amazing accommodations for my disabilities and FINALLY we are getting that trip to WDW. (I've been trying to plan it for at least a year and a half!)

We're going May 28th for two weeks. It will be me, my husband and my amazing service dog (mobility and PTSD) I got back in December. Also, I'm now full-time in a wheelchair. (Or almost full-time.)

My question tonight is about making ADR's. These are very last minute plans, so I understand there may be no reservations left, and if I find any they will really be the luck of the draw. That said, I was having trouble finding any links on the board that described the different table service restaurants in regard to whether they are set up in a way to easily accommodate a small power wheelchair (I can transfer into a booth or seat from my chair) and a large service dog. My service dog is only about 50 lbs right now (16 months old) but is very long and lanky both in body and his extremities. One reason I thought of this was I seem to recall a long time ago someone saying that the Sci-Fi Diner at MGM leaves very little room for SDs.

If reviews like this exist somewhere, please just point me in the right direction! Otherwise, any tips on restaurant accommodations would be appreciated!

Thank you very much!


Oct 27, 2011
I believe all table service restaurants at WDW are accessible to those with wheelchairs. If you would desire to remain in your chair pulled up to the table, I recommend you mention this to the host when you check-in as there probably are some tables better suited than others. If you intend to transfer, you may still want to let them know you'll need to use the chair to get to the table so they can seat your party at a table near the walkway. The service dog should sit/lie under your table, not in a walkway. I guess it may depend how big of a table your party gets, and how many legs are under that table. A party of 2 seated at a tabletop that fits 4 will have more space underneath than if a party of 4 is at that same table. Just in my personal opinion, booths tend to have less leg room than regular tables, but I've never traveled with a service dog.

Enjoy your vacation!


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