So Proud of My Nephew


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Jun 24, 2004
I have a DN who is 8yo and has 22q deletion syndrome. He is on the milder end but still has many issues. He is doing pretty well in school with resource and speech help. He struggles with anxiety a lot. Any given day a new anxiety may pop up or an old one go away. However he is a happy and very loving boy. Yesterday he had a major breakthrough that I got to experience with him. His younger sister is very athletic and he is not. She and their cousin have been taking ice skating lessons for about a year and a half. DN has watched them skate many times but has been too afraid to even put skates on. Yesterday my sister and I took the girls for open skating. It was 5 hours long and they didn't want to leave. My DBIL dropped DN off with us on his way to work which was about an hour before the end of skating. DN sat watching for a few minutes like he usually does then suddenly said "I want to have fun like the girls." We asked him what he meant and he said he wanted to skate! We asked several times before renting skates but he kept saying he was nervous but wanted to do it. He got the skates on and the girls (ages 6 & 10) came over to see what was going on and they immediately got him one of the scooter/walker things that the beginning skaters use. They even got them for themselves so they would all "be the same" They stuck by him and he made it about half way around the rink with them close by! He was out on the ice for almost an hour. DSis and I were so proud of all 3 of them, him for overcoming his fear of the ice and the girls for being so caring. My heart was bursting thinking about how far he has come.


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