Service men/women to Keep in our Prayers...feel free to add to the list


DIS Veteran
Jun 4, 2007
I wish I had known about this forum last year. My DH got back just 3 days before Christmas 2010 from his second deployment in Iraq. He is currently in Okinawa Japan for two weeks on a training assignement, so well wishes for a safe training and safe return home would be appreciated!

Also wanted to say to all those who have loved ones serving, that we always keep all troops, anywhere in the world, in our prayers daily.
  • bleukarma

    Earning My Ears
    Dec 4, 2011
    My cousin Micah is in Army Special Forces and is currently serving at Fort Campbell. He just got back (safely, thank God) from an "unknown" location for six months. Our family is very proud of him. :earsboy:


    DIS Veteran
    Jan 30, 2010
    Just found this and read through so many pages... so grateful for all of these listed here!! So many brave men and women who willingly serve. THANK YOU TO ALL!

    My youngest son, Chad (PFC 13d), is serving in the US ARMY, Ft. Bliss, TX - Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist

    Proud Army mom! :goodvibes

    Soarin Hubby

    Nov 21, 2012
    Thanks to all who serve.
    Our son got back from "the sand pit" in July. We took him & his wife on the Wonder Hawaiian cruise last month. It did him a world of good. We paid our respects at the Arizona Memorial and the National Cemetery at Punchbowl. Unfortunately he is deploying for the 3rd time in January.
    May God Bless our service members.
  • ArmyMPwife

    Dec 22, 2008
    Thanks to all of you who serve!
    We are currently on an overseas tour in Germany. His company has a deployment coming up this coming year


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