question about scooter lift/carrier for vehicle


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Nov 17, 2010
I just received my scooter and now I have to figure out how to transport it so I can use it at stores. I've tried doing some research online and have gotten so confused! I have a Pride Maxima scooter that does not come apart for transport. I drive a 2004 Saturn Vue, so it will not fit in the back. I need some kind of carrier attached to the outside of the vehicle. I can't afford the $2000+ dollars to get an automated lift, so will need to go with a manual one.

My questions are:

How do I know the right one to get?
When they list weight capacity, are they only talking about the weight of the scooter when you are driving the car?
Or does that include the person's weight, in addition to the weight of the scooter because you have to drive the scooter up a ramp to get it onto the lift?
How difficult is it to lift the ramp and fold the carrier up against the car when it is not in use?
What happens when backing out of a steep driveway? Has anyone experienced problems with the lift/carrier hitting the ground?
A lot of them seem to be made of bars that go across between rails. Do the wheels get stuck between the bars?
Is there a particular style I should look for?
Is there a particular one anyone can recommend to me?
Am I better off ordering online or trying to find a local place to purchase this?

Insurance covered the scooter, but not the lift/carrier, so I am at a loss as to what to look for!

I appreciate any input and/or advice.


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