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    For Professional Interns- Would those who have experience in this program recommend living in Intern housing in Falcon Square? Or trying to find an apartment with a short term lease/ sublet/ roommate?

    DD is starting her PI in August.
    The Falcon Square housing (which may be full already- DD has been sent housing info by recruiter, but she does not know if its really available or not). Obviously this would be the easiest option, and the apartments look nice, and like they are in a safe area. However, DD had a terrible experience freshman year in college with her roommate, who she did not know before school. She is really nervous about committing to living in the same room with a stranger again. She does not want to be with someone who will make her whole experience negative. I would love to hear experiences from those who have done a PI. I have heard scary stories from CP participants about partying roommates but I think that is maybe different? She really is not into drinking and partying. Her idea of fun is going to the parks,

    She is looking at the DPI facebook page trying to see if others need short term roommates ( not in same room- in 2BR apartments}. She can't really find what she is looking for. Also, we can find possible short term rentals in air bnb but you can't really tell much about them- where they are- if in a safe neighborhood, etc. And again, she would need to find someome who is not a big partier.

    ETA: There seems to be a waiting list for the Intern housing.
    So it looks like she may have to find her own housing.
    What about an extended stay hotel?

    Any input from PI's or former PI's?
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    Former PI, but did not live in housing (my offer was just a few weeks before the start date, so no availability)

    Falcon Square is definitely the easiest since its furnished, and lease dates are flexible. I 100% get not wanting to live with a stranger again, but definitely keep the option open if a spot opens up. There is a big difference between college freshmen and young professionals. Of my friends who lived in Falcon Square, none of them had poor experiences. Because of the nature of the program, individuals are generally more mature than what the 'typical' CP might be.

    I lived in a 3 bedroom with 2 other PIs who I found on Facebook (Is the PI pages shes looking on a group specifically for Fall 2019 interns?). There's also a much larger facebook group for WDW cast to find roommates that I can send you the link to. August is still a bit away, so expect people to be looking for roommates closer to the start date as well.

    Looking for short term rentals can be tough - Orange County has historically not allowed them (that might have changed recently - I don't remember the exact jurisdiction that allows them now), so apartment leases had to be at least 7 months long. It is possible for her to take over a lease, which is extremely common though she runs the risk of the lease either ending too soon, or extending past her stay and having to find a replacement. My program was a year, and both had to move apartments mid-program, and find a replacement at the end.

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