Ohana Adventures Does Disney -Vlog Series Day 1


Apr 6, 2004
Hey guys I'm Kandi and in November 2017 I had the opportunity to go to Walt Disney World with my best friends. We flew from Manchester in the UK and spent 2 weeks at the Coronado Springs Resort and of course we vlogged it all!!!!!

Here is our Travel Day vlog. Please give it a watch!!!!


Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
May 18, 2010
Lovin your video, your excitement makes me excited! Did they ask you what colour magic bands you wanted? We haven't gone since the paper tickets so magic bands are totally new for us.

Twilight Sparkle

DIS Veteran
May 24, 2015
I'm so happy to see your vlog. I remember when you were first planning your trip, but I lost track of you after that. Your arrival day was so much fun to watch. Coronado Springs looks like a beautiful resort.


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