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    Apr 16, 2016
    So I am going to Disney World in two weeks. Since my last trip, I have developed severe anxiety and panic disorder. I am much better than I was when my anxiety first hit, but still get panic attacks in large crowds or tightly cramped spaces. I heard about the pass where you don't have to wait in line and come back at a certain time. This would greatly benefit me by keeping me from panic attacks. My therapist and psychiatrist are both able to write notes for me. What exactly should the notes say for guest services? Do I even need a note? I am hearing mixed things on this. Thank you all in advance
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    It's my understanding that a note is not required at Disney. You would just need to go to Guest Relations at the park and request a DAS. This link from the Disney site will give you the details:

    If you feel more comfortable having the note, then go ahead and get one. It is better to have it and not need it than vice versa.
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    Medical notes are not accepted.
    You need to be able to express your concerns and what you feel you need and they determine if a DAS is required for your situation.
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    You do not need a note and guest services will not look at a note from a dr anyways,

    in order to get a DAS you will need to say way you cannot wait in the line and way waiting out side of it will help you. if writing this down helps you ( in your own words) then this is something you can do, but it needs to be in your own words and not some dr words.
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    @Caryn220 PPs are correct that a medical note is not needed, and CMs are likely to refuse one if you tried. Doctors tend to write diagnoses-based, and the DAS is need-based. Two individuals with the same diagnosis may have different needs. If speaking is a challenge for you, try writing a short bullet list of why waiting in lines is hard for you. But be prepared to answer any questions the CM may ask to clarify your needs.

    Enjoy your vacation!
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    as noted, they won't accept medical notes. They need you to describe your needs in your own words (concerning only what you need, not your diagnosis). You can do it in writing if you have issues speaking.
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    Others have responded to the question asked, but as someone with anxiety (especially with crowds) I wanted to mention something else. You will still have to wait when you return with the DAS. You enter through the FP+ line. At times this can be a 15-20 minute wait and rarely longer. I suggest that you also have a plan on hand in case of longer FP+ waits or ride breakdowns. Ways to cope. I just don't want you to think you are going to get right on the ride when you come back.
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