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softball chick

Teacher of Math and Disney Magic
Jul 28, 2008
Training Update: August 18 - August 24

Sunday 8/18 - 3.14 mile walk
Monday 8/19 - 4.14 mile walk
Tuesday 8/20 - 30 min run (2.82 miles ran)
Wednesday 8/21 - 2.61 mile walk
Thursday 8/22 - 30 min run (2.81 miles ran)
Friday 8/23 - 2.09 mile walk
Saturday 8/24 - 4.33 mile run

Highlights of the Week:
-I went 7 for 7 this week! I'll be honest, there were some of those days towards the end that it took all of my power to drag myself out of bed and get out there but I'm so incredibly proud of myself that I actually stuck to it. I'm pretty sure this is the first week all summer long that I exercised all seven days, so it was the perfect way to round out my summer vacation.

-I managed to stick to only one soda per day this week! Even so, I probably should have had more water than I did but at least we are making progress back towards where I would like to be in that regard.

-I'm really proud of my mileage this week, especially looking at my 30 minute runs. A month ago, I was ecstatic to be able to make it 2.5 miles on a long weekend run. The fact that my maintenance runs have me going longer than that, and that I am able to be doing so consistently is incredible to me. It's the kind of tangible proof of the progress that I am making that helps me want to keep going and continue to get better and better as time goes on.

-Today was another personal record for distance of a run, this time surpassing my previous long run by 0.75 mile! I was very surprised about how that run went. I started off feeling pretty strong, but by the time I had reached somewhere around the 1.5-2 mile mark I was already starting to feel like I was burning out. Now besides instantly having thoughts of race sign up regrets (see next highlight) running through my head about how I just wasted all my money on a 10K that I won't be able to do well in running through my head, it also really got me thinking about where I was running, how I was running, etc. Things I had never thought about before, but might actually start considering more when I head out - there was a new part of my course that I've never actually run on (only walked) until today, which I think played into a lot of what I was feeling. Well after that mental freak out, I started feeling really strong again and actually spent a good chunk of the middle of the run actually running for long stretches instead of relying on constant walk/run with my intervals. Naturally, the end did feel exhausting but I think that was a mental thing, knowing I was so close to stopping so it just felt hard. Overall, I was beyond pleased and proud of myself for what I was able to do with it and I'm now I'm just excited for my next long run in a couple weeks (things old Kelly would have NEVER expected to hear...maybe this become a runner thing actually is working).


-As evident in my last post, I went for it and signed up for the Brewers Mini Marathon 10K race in a little over a month. This will be my first non-Disney and also local race here in WI and it's with one of my favorite sports teams and at my favorite sports complex so it is just destined to be a fun race. I'm really hopeful that it will be fast enough for me to use, but also I know that I will need to not push too hard since the last thing I'd want to do is push and hurt myself a month before Wine and Dine.

-Taking all those points I just wrote about into account, I reached each of my four goals for the week!

Lowlights of the Week:
-Holy blister on my foot! Like...wow. That's all I'll say on that one.

-Not so much a lowlight of this week, but looking towards the future. I go back to school next week so I just worry about how hard it's going to be trying to fit in training and exercise after the already long and exhausting school day is done. I leave too early in the morning for a before work run to be an option, so finding the evening balance is my only real choice. It's just been so nice and easy this summer to wake up and immediately go out there. It's just something I've been thinking/worrying about a lot this week.

Goals for the Next Week:
1. Fit at least one day of running and 1-2 days of walking into the week as I try to find the work/train balance
2. Continue to only have one soda a day (that 4:45am alarm coming back this week is REALLY going to test this one)
3. Reach at least 10,000 steps every day...with it being in-service days, that means a lot of sitting in meetings or at my desk, so I want to combat that
4. 20,000 steps on the weekend (since I'll be in WDW...yes...again...)

softball chick

Teacher of Math and Disney Magic
Jul 28, 2008
Training Update: August 25 - September 7

Sunday 8/25 - Off Day
Monday 8/26 - Off Day
Tuesday 8/27- 20 min run (1.40 miles ran)
Wednesday 8/28 - Off Day
Thursday 8/29 - Off Day
Friday 8/30 - Off Day
Saturday 8/31 - 30 min run (2.92 miles ran)

Sunday 9/1 - 2.76 mile walk
Monday 9/2 - Off Day
Tuesday 9/3 - 2 mile run
Wednesday 9/4 - Off Day
Thursday 9/5 - 21 min run (2.22 miles ran)
Friday 9/6 - Off Day
Saturday 9/7 - 5 mile run

Highlights of the Week(s):
-Even though it led to my inability to run much that first week, I was proud of myself for recognizing the need to stop early on my Tuesday run when I started feeling a lot of knee pain. I've been working really hard to try to find the balance between pushing myself but also taking care of myself and my body. So in hindsight, I was glad I could recognize what needed to be done.

-During my Thursday run this week, I ended up with an average pace of 9:42 min/mile. This was the first time I have ever had an overall pace that was under 10 min/mile. Up until this point, I have had the occasional 0.5 mile split that was below that line, but for this run I was able to maintain that pace for the entirety of 2+ miles. I honestly thought my timer was messed up when I first heard it - I just couldn't believe it.

-Yesterday was another new record of my longest run - I actually made it 5 miles! During the last mile, I was definitely feeling the exhaustion and added a lot more walking than I would have liked, but I was still really pleased with how the run went overall. I finished in about 51 minutes, which helps me feel like I am at a really good place in terms of being ready to finish the Brewers 10K fast enough to use it as proof of time.

Lowlights of the Week(s):
-School starting absolutely kicked my butt. Going from the summer life to suddenly having my alarm going off at 4:55am again was not something that I was adjusting to well. Because of that, every day that I came home from school I just felt absolutely exhausted and that made it so hard to get out and exercise.

-I got back into the bad habit of letting my 30 minute runs get shortened. One of the days, I started having extreme knee and calf pain as I was going so I knew that I had to cut it short (which is what also led to my first week only having 2 runs). Another one, I had less than an hour between getting home from school and having to leave again to meet my sister for a Brewers game which meant I only had time for 2 miles. It's definitely something that I'm hoping will improve as I get back into a regular school routine, but it's definitely been a struggle thus far.

-Not running related at all, but Hurricane Dorian caused my Labor Day trip to WDW to be canceled. I know it was the right choice since we couldn't tell if we would be able to get back home in time or not, but it still put a serious damper on my mood that weekend.

-My walk on 9/1 was a slow paced walk that I took with my sister, and while we were on a path in the woods I got bite or stung (not sure which) by some kind of bug that left me with a swollen back and serious pain.

Goals for the Next Week:
1. I want to workout at least 4 days this week - I know going for all 7 is entirely unrealistic now that school is back in session, but I'm trying for a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday schedule so I want to stick to that.
2. Get back to my 30 minute runs actually being 30 minutes.
3. Saturday will be my last long run before the Brewers 10K, so I want to make sure that happens.

softball chick

Teacher of Math and Disney Magic
Jul 28, 2008
Training Update: August 8 - September 14

Sunday 9/8 - 2.82 mile walk
Monday 9/9 - Off Day
Tuesday 9/10 - 30 min run (2.82 miles ran)
Wednesday 9/11 - Off Day
Thursday 9/12 - Off Day
Friday 9/13 - Off Day
Saturday 9/14 - 3 mile run

Highlights of the Week(s):
-Despite pure exhaustion levels after teaching all day, I've been doing my best to try to still get out there as much as I could. After school activities that I was helping with this past week are what stopped me from being able to do much during the week, but at least I did something.

-When I started the run on Tuesday, I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to do it. I started off and told myself that I would just see if I could run for a little bit and then walk the rest. Then I told myself that I would see if I could make it through the 2 mile loop that I often follow in my neighborhood. THEN I was actually out there and I managed to do the full 30 minute run. I was pretty proud of myself, considering how tired my legs already were. You just don't think about how much work being on your feet in the front of the classroom all day actually is until you get back into it.

-Mental win here....my run on Saturday was supposed to be my last long run before the Brewers 10K at the end of the month, but I knew that going much further than what I did was going to strain my legs too much. So as I was walking home, I was beating myself up inside and saying things to myself like "Pfffft...some long run". And then it hit me...I had just run THREE MILES and I was upset at myself that I hadn't done a long run. A year ago, I probably would have considered 0.5 miles a "long run", so to actually realize the change that has occurred through this training was a cool feeling.

Lowlights of the Week(s):
-It's just been such a struggle being able to exercise after being at work all day. My summer was waking up, working out, THEN starting my day. I just am really struggling to adjust to the schedule change that is the new normal of the school year. I know it will happen, it's just so incredibly frustrating to feel like I am going backwards in my training.

Goals for the Next Week:
1. Stick to the schedule - two week days and a Saturday run. I'm close enough to my race that they will be no longer than 30 minutes each, but they have to happen.
2. Drink more water during the school day - the beginning of the year sickness is hitting me hard as well (not helping this) and I know staying hydrated better will help me fight it away before my race.


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