Just What Is The $Tipping$ Point?


Apr 19, 2016
Universal's express pass is an extra fee on top of admission. They have one you can use once per ride and another one is unlimited use. The downside is it costs quite a bit to get one
Note that you can get unlimited Express Pass FREE with a hotel stay at one of their top 3 hotels. A lot of Universal veterans stay at these hotels for this perk. Or they do a split stay (one night at an EP hotel gets you EP for check-in and check-out days). We've never stayed at an EP hotel (originally we had one booked for our next trip, but we cancelled it when the price at Cabana Bay dropped significantly), but everyone raves about it.


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May 9, 2019
How? Flying over to Europe on business class is at least $3k per ticket. No way I am flying economy over there.
The flight over there in economy isn't bad at all. There was plenty of room and they feed you pretty good. It is less than 7 hours if I leave out of Montreal. Heck, it takes 6 hours for me to fly back to the west coast in Canada to visit home from Ottawa (and I don't go first class for that either).

Canada is expensive for flights, but you can almost always fly to Europe for about $600-$700 per person (less if you use points). If you catch a good seat sale it can be a lot less.
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Jan 3, 2008
Eh, I'm one who doesn't mind coach, and after flying (14 hours) to Beijing, flying to Europe in coach doesn't seem that bad! We make sure to book the 2 seats at the end, most long haul flights have the 2-4-2 configuration so it's just the 2 of us in our row. We have a few free drinks, watch a movie or two and try to get a few hours sleep, it's really not horrible. But again, that's our priority, I'd rather go more often than go once and spend what "I" feel is an insane amount on first class seats (although they DO look awesome).
I'm with you. We have been going to Africa for the last few years (and flying coach), so I certainly would have no issue flying to Europe (half the flight time). Our first trip, we wound up in the two dead center seats on every single one of our flights. That was pretty miserable, but the experience of the trip was worth the travel.

I'm too practical, so I would just think about all the other more exciting things I could have spent the extra seat money on instead. I would rather go on a second trip than spend double on the airfare.


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