Ireland with young children?

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    Aug 14, 2017
    Hi all! Haven’t posted here before but am hoping for some insight...
    Does anyone have any experience traveling to Ireland with young children (mine are specifically two and six years old)?
    There’s a potential of an upcoming trip this summer, but extended family would also be there and many of them are staying for longer durations (1-2 months), renting what sounds like some kind of bed and breakfast sort of accommodation. I’m assuming everyone will rent cars. I don’t know what kind of daily itineraries they will have planned especially since some of them are going to be there for a while...
    I would love to go to Ireland but I’m not sure I’d get the full experience with a two year old in tow (thinking about naps, diaper changes, having to go to bed early, etc.)
    Would this be a trip that we’d get full benefit from or would it be better to wait until kids are 5&9 or 6&10 age range?
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    Dec 29, 2013
    I live in Cork ( South of the country )

    You will have No Problem with your children.

    ...... Diapers = Nappies

    Remember we use Metric weights & measures .

    And $1 .15 = € 1 euro
    Also Remember to BUY Travel Adaptors Plugs ( We use 3 pin Flat _ _ )

    You will need 2 Travel seats for the children

    Yes we Do have McDonalds & KFC ( But Not in every Town )

    Do you know where you are staying ?

    I can give you some good advice if you need it

    Keep me informed

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