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Earning My Ears
Mar 17, 2019
My ears hurt like crazy. Sometimes I feel like it's my imagination but then it agitates me. I went to the doctor with the ear pain and she told me to go see a gynecologist. ***? What does that area have to do with the ears. So here I am. I would go to one of those City MD places but I think i'd be paying $$$ just to hear them say put a hot compress on it...or something I could have thought up for Free.

Which is why i'm here. I'm pretty sure its an inner ear infection.I've been putting peroxide in it 2x a day which kind of makes me a bit dizzy and feeling a bit weird afterwards. I honestly can't describe it. I read about ear aches online about the neck hurting and my damn neck feels stiff and hurts. :(

So anyone know about any over the counter remedies since my doctor is full of crap trying to refer me to a gynecologist for an ear ache. I mean, come on. I would saw off my right arm if I can get some relief from the ear aches. :(

(and if I bring this subject to my mom, she tell me to take another 2 ibeprofin.. One can only take ibeprofin long enough to call it quits).


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Dec 1, 2011
You can get a yeast infection in your ears, maybe that's why the gynecologist? Although I don't see why your regular doctor couldn't also take care of that. Hydrogen Peroxide won't get rid of that, you would need an anti-fungal if that's what you have. I would go to a Minute Clinic in CVS or Urgent Care if the pain is that bad.


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Feb 12, 2013
Why didn't you ask why a gynecologist? That makes no sense at all.

Do you clench or grind your teeth? It could be TMJ related pain. I get a very deep pain in one ear a few times a month. It's nerve pain from my jaw clenching. My ears are totally fine. It feels like a shooting, very deep ache. Your neck pain is also suspect for TMJ. Try taking Aleve, round the clock (one pill every 12 hours) for a few days. If you have some inflammation, this will calm it down. You could also ask for a muscle relaxer. I use flexeril for my neck/jaw pain. Stop putting hydrogen peroxide in your ear. If your regular doctor looked in your ear and didn't see anything, and you have no fever, it's not an ear infection.

You can also see a dentist or oral surgeon because this could be tooth related, especially if you still have wisdom teeth.They can also asses for TMJ disorder.


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