Do any you use a recliner that lifts that you like? Or if you own one have you seen one that looks better?


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Oct 28, 2000
Do any you use a recliner that lifts that you like? Or if you own one have you seen one that looks better?

I've been Googling different make and models and making a list and checking it twice.

And I need one for a heavy person like myself and good quality.

I've also been checking the different companies, brands, ratings, comments, and lift chair options.

I find it interesting that I am not considering the cost. I guess I am thinking more about comfort, quality, and the different chair option I would like to use.

I would like to make sure that the lift recliner can lift me up high enough so I wouldn't need to struggle to completely stand up.

I like the idea of having two separate motors and a rechargeable battery back-up. I did read where a Lithium-ion battery started a fire. Probably poorly designed like a few other products.

I found these lift chair options interesting, but I don't know if they would be reliable for everyday use.

EZ Sleeper with Twilight Recliner Chair
MODEL: PR761 MSRP: $3222

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The new EZ Sleeper with Twilight positioning technology features a modern, sleek design with a stylish track arm for ultimate comfort! The world’s first MaxiComfort with Twilight positioning now with a powered headrest and lumbar support! Enjoy the ultimate in custom seating comfort!
Elevate and circulate in the PR761-MLA, the world’s most advanced power positioning lift recliner. Golden’s patented 5-motor system provides unique, rejuvenating positions along with power lumbar support and power headrest. Healthy benefits include being able to elevate the feet above the heart while experiencing a feeling of weightlessness. Twilight positions relieve pressure points and encourage proper posture by supporting the natural “S” shape of the spine.
Minimizing Downtime.

SmartTek® is a patented self-diagnostic technology standard on all Golden lift chairs. SmartTek notifies the user if there is an electrical malfunction with their chair, helping technicians to diagnose the issue quickly and easily over the phone, saving valuable repair time! SmartTek gives the repair technician a better understanding of what parts they will need to repair the chair before they even leave the office.
How does SmartTek work?
Golden’s patented SmartTek system uses three LED lights to signal when the chair is not functioning properly.
You should first check that the chair is plugged into an electrical outlet, that the fuse or breaker for that outlet is properly working, and that all other connections are plugged together properly. If your chair is still not working, please check the following:
The green LED lights can be found:
On the two-button hand control for non-MaxiComfort® models. The MaxiComfort AutoDrive™ hand control features backlit buttons which serve as the SmartTek light for those models.
2. On the transformer.
3. On the wire that plugs from the motor into the transformer.
If all three LED lights are not lit, the user should first check that the chair is plugged into an electrical outlet, that the fuse or breaker for that outlet is properly working and all other connections are plugged together properly.
When the green LED on the transformer is not lit, it means that electricity is not getting to the transformer or there is a malfunction with the transformer and it needs to be replaced. When the green LED on the wire from the motor to the transformer is not lit (but the light on the transformer is), it means there is no power coming from the transformer to the motor.
When the green LED on the hand control is not lit, or the buttons on an AutoDrive hand control are not lit, and the chair is not working, there is a possible defect with the hand control.
Golden Offers Lifetime Warranty on Exclusive Luxury Fabric Line
Golden is pleased to offer the only lifetime warranty for all Brisa® breathable fabrics on lift chairs in the industry!
Brisa® is an incredibly soft and luxurious faux leather fabric available on lift chairs exclusively from Golden Technologies. Brisa is the first polyurethane fabric designed with a unique ventilation system that enables it to breathe, keeping you cool and comfortable, no matter how long you use the chair. Brisa’s subtle grain pattern is created through a natural process that simulates the supple surface of genuine leather. You can choose from a tasteful assortment of colors.
  • Stain, scratch and blemish resistant
  • Clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes than vinyl and genuine leather
  • Superior comfort in all climate conditions — stays cooler than leather in warm weather conditions
  • Resists cold weather stiffening and cracking
  • Cleans effortlessly with soap and water
  • Lifts most stains with alcohol-based household cleaning solutions
  • Disinfects with a 5:1 water-to-bleach solution
Our Power Headrests slide on an articulating arch, lifting and lowering your head in a natural curve. Other chairs “fold” you over like a burrito, even pushing your shoulders over, and do not provide proper ergonomic support. Only Golden’s power recliners featuring a Power Headrest or Power Pillow give you the correct support to provide you with hours of comfort without pinching your neck.

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Oct 11, 2012

I have never used one of those type of chairs, but I have seen them advertised before.

I think the feature I would want for sure would be just that it didn't take forever and a day to stand up! The ones that I have seen have always moved so slowly but I don't know if that was being shown in real time or not.

I would *certainly* use caution regarding the battery - I wonder if a good UPS (uninterruptible power supply) like one of the APC brand units might not have enough "juice" to at least get you back up out of the chair if the power went out? It would also offer surge protection. Just a thought.

Just like with our wheelchairs, I would be *very* wary about purchasing from Amazon, only because we know that so many products there are knock-offs, often with zero care for quality or safety of the user.

Maybe start with a known brand? La-Z-Boy has lift recliners in a wide range of prices, fabrics and styles.

And, FWIW, our daughter has my original 40-year old La-Z-Boy rocker/recliner in her home that she cherishes to this day... Original upholstery and all! Hopefully, they are still making them as good as they used to!


Jul 24, 2018
My mom has slept in one full-time for over a decade. There were a lot fewer options back then and she bought whatever model the local medical mart was selling. It is similar to what the rental companies use at WDW. I think it is called a two-position. She’s quite happy with it. It is not difficult to stand up from the upright position but if the chair you buy isn’t from a medical company I would make sure the chair “dumps” you out.

The models you posted look really nice too.

Something to consider is maintenance. Multiple motors doubles or triples the risk of potentially expensive repairs. My mom’s chair uses a 9V battery backup which can get 2-3 ups or downs during a power outage. Those usually don’t last too long where she lives and she keeps a backup supply if the power is out for longer. A rechargeable battery will need replacing every few years and then what happens if the power is out for 2-3 days? I think I recall you mentioning you purchased a power chair so you already understand battery degradation and that if the advertisement says you’ll get 20 ups and downs, you’ll only get 10 in a year or whatever the time frame is. The rental company at WDW told me they use a long lasting battery good for several more ups and downs than a regular 9V.

If you don’t want to pay for fancy fabric, towels work well and can be tossed in the washer every now and then.


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Jun 24, 2004
My advice would be to go to a store and try them out. My mom had 2 of them and I have one now.
all were purchased from the same furniture store, not a medical store. My mom and I also needed the chairs for heavier people. Her first chair was the most comfortable. That one she went to the store and sat in several. The second one my sister purchased as my mom was in a rehab center at the time. I don't remember why she needed the 2nd chair. That chair just wasn't as comfortable. She did end up sleeping in it and it went to the nursing home with her. After she passed I had it. The cord to the remote became frayed so I replaced the chair as it was a few years old. I bought mine online from the same furniture store 4 years ago when I was about to be released from a rehab center after I broke my leg. All 3 chairs did/do go up and down slowly for safety. None have a battery back up and crawling out of one during a power outage isn't fun! I've found they tend to last 4-5 years with heavy use.


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