Disneyland with a sprained ankle


Earning My Ears
Apr 4, 2008
So my lovely 15 year old daughter decided to sprain her ankle on Tuesday. She is currently R.I.C.E.ing it, but our trip to the resort is Saturday. We are planning on taking a wheelchair for her to take some of the pressure off. She can stand in lines, but 10 hours of walking will be too much. So a couple of questions:

1. For the airline do we need to pay a fee to check the wheelchair at the gate? I assume this would work like when we checked the stroller at the gate.

2. Will we park the chair with strollers when we are in line?


Rope Drop!
Oct 5, 2010
You will not need to pay to check the wheelchair- it will be like a stroller at the gate

when I was in a wheelchair post ankle surgeries. they had me enter generally at exits- they would then transfer the chair to the end of the ride


DIS Veteran
May 29, 2015
If she wants to go through the regular line, you can park the wheelchair with strollers. If she wants to stay in the chair for lines, the procedure varies based on the ride, so a safe bet is to just walk up to the CM at the entrance with a confused look on your face and they will direct you. At DCA you can take the chair in (I think) all lines, but on some you will be diverted at some point to avoid stairs or go to an alternate loading area. In DL the chair doesn't fit in all lines so you will often be directed to the exit.


DIS Veteran
Jan 29, 2012
We just had a similar situation. We did not bring a wheelchair but had Delta have one waiting for us at the airport and then I rented one from the hotel to do Disneyland. My 16 year old daughter (her birthday trip) broke her ankle a few weeks before we went. We went to the exit of most rides and they scanned our tickets and gave us a time to come back for each ride. Some rides we went in exit ramps and others just side doors and elevators. It worked out great. Now pushing the wheelchair through the night time crowds over by Pirates/Haunted Mansion, not so fun.

Lauren in NC

Feb 13, 2010
In Disneyland, it varies depending on the ride, so check with the CM at the entrance. A lot of them have alternate entrances (like using the exit). Everything at DCA is ADA compliant, so she'll be able to stay in the wheelchair in the regular queue. Just be mindful of the bumpy rides - when I sprained my ankle, the bumpier rides (I'm thinking Indiana Jones / Matterhorn) were painful, even though I was sitting.

The folks on the DISabilities board can help you out if you have more questions, too!


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