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Aug 23, 2000
My first post on the collectors' board.

Going through my mom's things cleaning out her house, she saved just about everything when she visited Disneyland, starting around 2000 or so. So she has a bunch of things that were probably free but might interest collectors, like the buttons they'd give out on July 17 each year, or what look like vintage park map recreations. (She also had a bunch of pins, but it's easy to find places to show pins. Including here.)

She also has stacks of Times Guides that probably aren't good for anything but letting folks see a snapshot of what the parks looked like at a certain date. With little notes written on where she ate and what attractions she rode that day.

I'm not interested in making a financial score, but I hate to throw them away when I know there are collectors who are interested in all sorts of possibly-obscure Disney stuff.

I'm guessing this is a place for items like these - do I just post photos and wait for the love to roll in? Thanks.


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