Disney Upholstery Fabric?


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Mar 25, 2004
PixieDust32 said:
Hi dear, I am sorry I don't know, hope someone can help you.
I have been searching the 'net and it is not coming around! **sigh** oh, well....it was a good idea! :teeth:
  • bianca

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    Oct 31, 2000
    I have been successful twice now getting Disney upholstery fabrics on e-bay, and I've seen others since then. I purchased a dark green/burgundy Pocahontas fabric that I did a seatee with and I also purchased a white/turquoise/red Little Mermaid heavy cotton duck fabric that I did a chair for my daughters room in. I have seen other fabrics listed on e-bay over the years that have been over-runs from the Disney cruise line. Perhaps if you just keep looking, something will come up.


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    Apr 25, 2003
    I had spotted some denim with Mickey icons on it last spring at "Lens Mills" in Ontario. I was on the lookout for quilting fabric not upholstery fabric and so passed on it. Not sure if they have a website. Hope you find something.

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