Disney Premier Visa-Expiration date?


Aug 19, 2013
We have had a Disney Reward Premier Visa for a while. Our cards were set to expire in September and we have received our new cards already, however, I noticed immediately that there is NO EXPIRATION date on the card. Is this something new? Has anyone else received a card without an expiration date? I have never had a credit card without an expiration date printed on the card. Wondering if this is common or isolated event.


DIS Veteran
Feb 12, 2013
Stand down, in my infinite wisdom, I failed to check the back of the card becuase the card number is also not on the front of the card! but low and behold it's all on the back!
Yes, many cards are no longer putting raised card numbers on the front. That's being phased out and all the numbers are showing up on the backs. I have 2 other cards like this, although they are both metal cards...


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