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Mechelle Walker

May 29, 2017
Has anyone been to Disney Japan or Sea lately? Wanting to know if there are any new attractions.
This would be my second time to both parks but the last time I went was 2014.
Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Duffy's friend
Oct 30, 2019
Hey, Went in October. As far as I know nothing yet but there were quite a few rides down for refurbishment when I was there. The Belle expansion should be finished this year though. Saw photos of the Beast's castle and they look amazing!


Earning My Ears
Feb 18, 2020
I was there a few weeks ago and loved it!!!
There were rides down for me as well and the castle was under construction.
I walked through part of the new Beauty and the Beast Area and could see the castle, it will be completed mid April, Baymax will open then too! The land looks beautiful so far, it is going to be so immersive!!!!
Soaring is always fun but the line was constantly long in Japan (2 - over 3 hours long while I was there, even on a slow day). The only difference is the end and I think there was even more positive energy from guests and clapping than in the States on the ride. The TDR app was helpful with obtaining a FP.
The Nemo ride was fine, this was my first time at TDR so there were many other rides that were new to me that I found more enjoyable.
When will you be going, how long are you going for? Is there anything else you are curious about since your last trip?
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