crazy fight in Disneyland (Updated, 7/23/19)


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Aug 12, 2006
What examples for their children... not! And the cycle will probably continue...
good to see charges brought.


Jul 2, 2012
I think you’re probably just talking about the ones who were charged... so this isn’t really resppnding to you...

I wouldn’t want them to face jail time or even significant penalty. But I wish there was a mechanism by which any family members who failed to cooperate with the police in the initial investigation would face some sort of consequences for that.

Regardless, I suspect that the entire family needs counseling of some sort... and a means to establish some healthy boundaries.
You wouldn’t want them to face jail time? They deserve jail time. Probably won’t learn from it though. They also need counseling etc. but definitely deserve to be punished. Thankfully all of them only attacked each other. But those poor kids. My heart goes out to them.


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