Are these Browser Games Seducing Your Man?


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May 11, 2011
Recommended New Browser Games in June, 2011,1.shtml

:worship: Are these Browser Games Seducing Your Man?


As formorly announced, the Closed Beta of 8 Realms is now live. In 8Realms players grow their empires from humble village to glorious dominions through eight ages of history. As players develop their settlement they will vie with others for control of precious resources, defend their interests against vicious hordes and research new technologies to ultimately reign supreme.

Pockie Ninja

Anime fans will feel right at home in the world of Pockie Ninja, a browser-based brawler MMO incorporating some of the best known characters and special abilities from the infamous Bleach and Naruto series, including Naruto Uzumaki and his infamous Demon Fox form.


Jagex Games Studio announced on May 10th that they have entered into a world-wide partnership with Herotainment, a New York-based children’s media company, to publish Herotopia, the award-winning social online game for children.

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Maybe "yes", not Lady Gaga, just these browser games, seduce your man!


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