An idea about new security at Disney Parks


DIS Veteran
Dec 17, 2006
I was thinking about emailing Disney Parks and suggesting they make a short (3-5 min) video showing the new security procedure with the metal detector and hand-wand. The TSA has similar videos on their website for travelers with disabilities. I was thinking Disney could post it on their Guests with Disabilities page.

By this time next year, it is expected that all guests will be going through the metal detectors. I would think a high-quality video with the standard security procedures would be helpful. I am sure there are many videos out there, but they can only be so helpful. A Disney-made video can have clear explanations of each step. They have been pretty good recently to have information for guests with cognitive disabilities, so this seems in line with what they have been doing.

What do people think? And if enough of us think it is a good idea, perhaps more people than just me can write the letter.


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