American Girl makes diabetes care kit for their dolls....


Mar 3, 2014
Our son was diagnosed with Type 1 as a toddler. We bought this T1D Kit for his sister this past year to play with on her AG dolls since she often has to watch us test / check / change / enter carbs into his insulin pump (and all things related to T1D management).

It's a wonderful teaching tool and also has such a compassionate story behind the product development.


DIS Veteran
Dec 17, 2006
They also now have:

Wheelchair (this is an updated model with real tires and handrims and working brakes)
Regular crutches (like used for an injury)
Forearm Crutches
"Allergy Free Lunch" complete with allergy stickers
Braces/Headgear kit
Hearing Aids (though these have to be installed by the "doll hospital"
Several types of glasses

Glad to see them trying to make their "Girl Like Me" dolls really be like us!

ETA: I forgot you can also get a service dog!


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