1. B

    Singing Runway Info?

    Hey there! I"m writing a Disney history book and stumbled upon this little gem: The old WDW STOLPort runway would play When You Wish Upon a Star when you went at just the right speed! Does anyone have audio/video of the runway actually singing? I just can't quite figure out how it worked.
  2. DisneyWife2015

    Best Ways to Save on Airfare?

    My husband and I are considering flying to WDW for our first ever adults-only trip in December. I'm having a hard time finding good deals but I also don't know where to look. We rarely fly so this is all new to me. I've searched Priceline, Southwest, and Allegiant Air. Where else should I be...
  3. aisle_chair


    This is a small, narrow wheelchair called an aisle chair. Someone who is not able to walk into the airplane can be transferred from their wheelchair to the aisle chair. There are several straps that are fastened to secure the person to the chair. The chair is narrow enough to wheel onto the...


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