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Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by JD10367, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. JD10367

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    Nov 13, 2016
    This is not a "For Sale" or "To Buy" question, as I currently have no interest in selling these items, but... I was wondering if anyone has ever seen them for sale or has an idea as to whether they have any worth which is more than their face value as entry tickets.

    A long time ago in my youth, when MGM Studios opened, I bought an extra 4-day Park Hopper commemorative ticket. It was a long gold ticket with a 4-day pass attached to the end, and it came in a black envelope. I think I paid about $100 at the time (which tells you how long ago it was, LOL). Being a strange youth and a Disney fan, I didn't really need to use it at the time so I saved it. I don't know if anyone else was weird enough to spend the money on a commemorative ticket and not use it. I've occasionally seen the larger souvenir portion of the ticket for sale, but never an unused one.

    Some years later I was in the park and for some reason they were selling 1-day commemorative entry tickets to Disneyland Paris. Same idea, an entry ticket attached to a longer commemorative souvenir portion (I think this one was in color, with no envelope). Again, having some money to burn, I bought it and never used it.

    Both items are currently taped up in my small souvenir cardboard box, containing other weird items I've saved (e.g. EPCOT Center keychains in their packages, unusued EPCOT pens with Figment on them, a "Little Mermaid" Happy Meal toy of Flounder which came out around the time of the film, an old EPCOT CENTER wall map with "Equatorial Africa, Coming Soon" positioned on the map, et cetera). Otherwise I'd pull them out and upload pics.

    I'm sure I could talk Disney into letting me use them as entry tickets, so I know the MGM one has at least the value of a 4-day Park Hopper. But, again, since I doubt anyone else was weird enough to never use a ticket from that time, I wonder if it has additional value.

    (Now if only in my youth I'd been smart enough to buy some unused ticket books from when you needed them for each ride... one of the reasons "If You Had Wings" was a favorite of mine, since it was Eastern Airlines sponsored IIRC and the only free ride in the park back then...)
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    Mar 9, 2015
    Most commemorative tickets are non expiring and can be used for park entry. I have close to 28 to 30 days worth of commemorative tickets. As have most collectibles, the market has
    gone soft. Most commemoratives I have run across recently are for sale at current market prices with little or no premiums. There are a lot of ticket collectors out there.

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