"We're all mad here"... Journal to Dopey 2020 (comments welcome)


Aug 31, 2018
Woohoo!!! Good news!! Doc says that there isn't any damage to the knee. He sent in the physical therapist, he evaluated me and gave me a list of stretches and exercises to do. Have to do them 4 times a day, when I get up, before bed, and before and after each run.

Doc and PT say there is no reason to stop running. I'll see them again at the end of October, have to bring in a 10 sec vid of me running from the side and from behind. PT says with the stretches I should see improvement in my stride and stamina.

I brought my old and current running shoes in, which confirmed what the evaluation found. I'm spending a little more time on my right foot than my left and don't have great foot placement with my left foot. PT says that the stretches will help with this and by the end of Oct we should see some positive changes.

Doc and PT are great! First time I've seen either of them. Doc was recommended by a former NFL lineman who is a friend of mine. I got lucky to snag a canceled appointment slot with him. He's normally a month or so out. PT had an Olympics shirt on, so I asked him about it. Turns out he's worked with the track and field team and most other athletes on the US team over the past several years. I really liked them both! They didn't rush through anything, took the time to listen to my laymen's explanation of things and helped me thoroughly understand why the knee was achy! Great guys!!

Both of them expressed concern about recovery time between the half and full for Dopey. PT suggested finding a massage therapist for after the half. He says he might know someone down there, so I'll probably be looking into that in the near future.

I'm confident that if I follow their advice and follow my new training plan I can handle the Dopey!!


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