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Earning My Ears
Sep 14, 2018
Hey guys,

So me and my boyfriend are going to dlp for Halloween which I am super excited about!

My boyfriend walks with a cane on some days as he has a connective tissue disorder and although it's unlikely he will need it when we are there I would just like to know what the protocol is with walking sticks and rides. We want to go on all the big rides but dont know what we will do with the stick, I know you have to take bags on but I cant imagine taking the stick on is safe? He can walk without the stick, it is mostly to take pressure off his joints when in chronic pain and to prevent dislocation.

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 9, 2010
I'm not an expert here but I strongly suggest your partner gets a doctors note and a pass for DLP. This will mean extra support from cast members - I have definitely seen them help people who use sticks in and out of rides, and they'll store sticks at the side for you. I'm not sure if this is possible on every ride, but I think having a pass would help ensure your partner has a good experience.


Earning My Ears
Aug 31, 2009
My dad requires a walking stick and uses a folding one like this.


He keeps it in a small backpack which he takes on the rides. Never causes a problem.

He’s only ever got stopped once at the entrance (that was in Shanghai Disneyland) but once he opened it to demonstrate it was a walking stick and not a selfie stick they were happy.


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