(Video) Our first ever trip to WDW - Travel Day & More


We need our magic place
Sep 25, 2017
Hay there,

we have just returned from our first ever trip to WDW and omg it was amazing. I have never felt such emotion as I entered the parks for the first time. We are seasoned Disneyland Paris travelers and AP holders but this was a whole new and magical experience, one I really hope to experience again soon....maybe next year? What did you feel when you first walked into the magic kingdom?

I have included our travel vlog here for you to enjoy and our first day :)

I hope you dont mind us posting this but we really want to share our magical experiences.



Down Under Disney Lover x
Feb 5, 2008
Ahhhh so glad i saw your videos @TFTwoTube , especially the part about Garden Grill :cloud9: I wondered whether a table of two would be sat in the booths - I hope we get one there too!

Can I ask, what time was your reservation booked for? Was it before park opening hours?

Great videos, can't wait to see more:love:


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