Updating ADR guests (names only)


Earning My Ears
Aug 8, 2018
So , given my OCD in planning, just wanted to jot my experience down. It's probably old news to the vets.

Trip in december, two parties, my family and some friends - two distinct resort reservations but ADR's for 5 (3+2)

I invited - via email - our two friends (well one of 2...since she manages their plans :) ). I now have a new friend in MDE - so far so good, and easy.

I tried "update guests" on the MDE page - for existing ADR reservation - No go - errors on the page , no matter which reservation I chose.
I was simply hoping to change a "guest" to our specific MDE friends.

What I found worked, is to Modify the reservation - and was able to find/book/keep the same time, add the 4th Guest, such that we're down to one grey "guest".
Obviously this is like making a "new" reservation, but I found it odd that I couldn't just go in , and change the Guests themselves, to an existing reservation.
So "Updated guests" seems to not work so well, Modify reservation accomplished what I wanted.

Anyway- your mileage may vary, but I really wish Disney would fix some of what to me seems like a hole.

Now to figure out - how we can make FP+ reservations - as a unit. Given that we are linked via Email , I'm not sure I will be able to make FP+ for the group as a whole.
I'll have to do some more reading about how to get all 5 of us into the same FP+ party, which probably means updating how we are connected.

This post has been brought to you by someone who would rather do Disney planning than work....


DIS Veteran
Oct 16, 2017
Unless you need the reservations appearing on their MDE, you can leave the names blank.

Assuming your "planning together" and have shared itineraries, you should be able to make FP for everyone.


DIS Veteran
Apr 3, 2017
In order to make FP for everyone both of her two people need to be showing up on your account. If not you will not be able to make fastpasses for the second guest. I had this same problem adding a friend and her family. Only the friend showed up though she controlled the reservation for the whole family and no one else had a MDE profile. I had to call disney IT and they asked me a couple of questions to verify that I knew these people and then brought over the others onto my profile. It really doesn't matter for dining purposes though. Most of my reservations only have me as the head and the rest of the guests I leave blank.


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