Twice in one year??? pre trip report

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    Final thoughts....

    DW and I had a discussion about our next trip. Due to the amount of construction and now time limits we can take for vacations, the Fort will be off the list for the time being. I am barely able to take a week vacation where I am. To do the Fort it would take a solid 2 week vacation to drive down and back plus have ample time to be able to hang out at the fort and the parks. We love the fort and were one of the first to book a ressie for even a dinner at the TE after Irma. We had booked our last trip right before labor day and just outside the 60 day window. With Irma, our thoughts were first with our family in Florida and a close second the Fort. Even this last time, we still managed to meet a disboarder known as @bama_ed and received the friendly hospitality as we had in the past trips to the Fort. As I said to the DW, if we can't stay there we will at least eat there one night and it was great.

    On top of this, this was our 3 trip to the land of the mouse in pretty much a 365 day year. It was actually just over a year but close enough. 2 of those trips were flights and then a drive down in April. Needless to say, it was just timing and the like. In the end we are Disneyed out. My DD has moved on from the Princesses (still likes them but we don't have to do them.) and character breakfasts. Still likes the Disney though just don't need to go every year like the last couple as evidenced in my signature. However, the plan is to take a long break like a trip in 2020 or 2021 for the 50th anniversary. Who knows what would be in store at this point. New trailer? 2 or 3 week ressie? We took advantage of what we were fortunate to do. If you asked me last year or even in 2016 that I would be writing this, I would have never thought in a 1000 years i would have gone 3 times in a year never less once a year which is what we were averaging a couple of years ago.

    However, I will be still lurking around maybe not as much. Keeping tabs as much as I can. Life just seems to get busier and busier older I get. I look forward to returning to the Fort at some point in the future for some fun in the sun and meeting the Disboarders that have turn into a virtual family in some sense. Maybe I will keep you guys and gals posted on my other adventures as they come to life.
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    Pictures are very nice, glad you had a great time. Life has a funny way of getting in the way of vacations. Trust me, you are not the only one. We will be headed to GSP, not sure about Disney this year, and have a trip for our youngest nephew to come.
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