Trip planning-a few days r&r before or after?


Earning My Ears
Jun 12, 2019
Last year we made it first trip to Disney-5 days for all the parks and then drove to Port Canaveral for a 5 night cruise. We had a great time and decided we would like to take another cruise but I also have another Florida destination I would like to spend some time as well. I personally found it a bit exhausting (and maybe because we were doing so much on the ship instead of sometimes remembering to just relax!) getting off the ship on the last morning and starting our two day drive home. I also suffered from land sickness for a few days after which I did not anticipate. This time I plan to get the patch to help with that! Sorry for the length of my post-just trying to give some background info. I’m wondering-would you put a couple days vacation before the cruise and then just drive home (2 days for us) or put a few days vacation on after the cruise before heading home?

Cruising Engineer

DIS Veteran
Apr 18, 2018
We spend time at WDW before the cruise and relax on the cruise. If you already know you over did it on the first cruise (not relaxing and doing everything) the second cruise should be easier, you know how the system works. We've completed 8 cruise and haven't done it all. I vote for doing florida and cruise after.


Disney dreaming
Aug 30, 2010
Our personal experience has been that when we get off of the ship, we are actually more tired than we think we are, and the best thing for us seems to be a day at a hotel just hanging around the pool and relaxing. We usually drive to Orlando and stay there for one night , often at a Disney resort. I know it may sound crazy, but , for us, it takes a little of the "post-cruise let-down" away by us not having to drive straight home, and we can have one more thing to look forward to as we walk off of the boat with our luggage. We have tried going to one day at the parks post-cruise, but we found that we were all exhausted much earlier in the evening than we expected (even my 19 and 21-year olds, who were all eager to go, have since said that they would rather NOT add on the parks or even the water park post-cruise, but rather before the cruise). Just our experience.


The Mommy Fairy
Mar 5, 2018
We've been on two cruises and both times we stayed at WDW before the cruise and then headed straight to the airport from the cruise. This time we are going to stay one night at a WDW resort post-cruise. My hope is we can all unwind a bit, and minimize some of the post-vacation blues that come from getting up early for that farewell breakfast, getting through customs, and then making the long slog home.


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