Trip Cancellation :-(

gelatoni fan

DIS Veteran
Mar 18, 2018
This is just absurd.

2AM this morning I received an email from Hilton corporate that all reservations through 4/30, including non-cancellable, would be refunded in full upon request.

6AM this morning I received an email from Hilton Tokyo Bay saying they would only do a credit towards a stay within a year.

I emailed them again with a link to the new policy and called corporate Guest Assistance and they are sending them an email with the new policy instructing them to cancel.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Despite a CORPORATE POLICY, I cannot cancel by their website (still says the reservation can't be changed or cancelled) or by their corporate phone. It must go through Tokyo Bay, which doesn't even know CORPORATE POLICY.

If they were going to be decent about cancelling, I would have rebooked for the eventual trip I'll be taking in the future. Because of this runaround, I will be booking at one of the Tokyo Disney hotels for more money. They have not only lost my stay for April, but they have lost any future stays. Nice work guys!
You can reverse the payment on your credit card as an absolute last resort. If they haven't charged your credit card yet, I would still try to get this sorted out closer to your original check in date.

I try to book refundable rates as much as possible to avoid situations like this. I have even saved money by rebooking when prices dropped and switching hotels when new deals emerged.


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