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Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by Beani7146, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Beani7146

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Hello! My husband and I are traveling to Disney with our son (9 months in Feb) at the end of February for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I am hoping to get some tips on:
    -Shipping baby food (glass jars or those pouches?), Diapers, wipes to the hotel
    -We are planning to bring a travel crib but should we just use the hotel crib instead? (I'm a big germaphobe)
    -Tips for sharing a room with baby. As of now, he goes to bed around 7pm. We have a standard room at the Contemporary and I'm not sure what my husband and I can do once baby is asleep. I wouldn't want the TV to wake him.
    - Most important: Tips for the plane ride! My son is so active and rarely sits still for more than 30mins. I'm sure it'll only get worse as he gets older. How can we distract him?

    Thank you!!
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    Mar 5, 2017
    Prime now works great for ordering things to the room, for us being quite in the room hasn't been too hard but we are lucky and don't have to be completely silent.

    My wife actually just wrote a blog post about flying with a baby/toddler you can read it here if interested:

    Have fun!
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    Oct 16, 2017
    I think the hotel crib is a pack n play, you could always bring a separate set of sheets and some lysol wipes. Everyone thinks differently when it comes to germs, I'm one of those "meh" after 6 months. And I'm too lazy to bring a travel crib. You already travel with sooooo much, i'm in the camp of not bringing one more thing.

    How sound a sleeper is your son? My daughter will sleep through the dog barking at the top of her lungs...
  5. PxyShan

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    Aug 12, 2010
    We stayed at CR last fall with our 9mo daughter. Generally we've stayed there several times with our small children.
    We used Amazon for baby food and diapers to be shipped to the hotel. It was great! We scheduled the package to arrive the day before we arrived so it was waiting for us. There may be a small fee from Contemporary to pick up the package - one time they waived it for us; it just depends on who's working in the business office. We like the pouches in general, but especially for traveling. Less space used in the diaper bag and no broken glass.

    CR has a few cribs for guests as opposed to a pack N' Play, and though they're not guaranteed, we've gotten one both times we needed/requested it. The mattress in the crib is HARD. It was fine for our son, but not for our daughter. If your kid can sleep in a pack N' play without an additional mattress, you should be fine with either their crib or pack n' play. You can bring your own sheet, but they change them just like the regular bed sheets, so its up to you if you're comfortable with that level of cleanliness or if you would rather bring your own.

    In terms of what to do once your baby falls asleep, I'll share what we've done and what I've seen others do.
    We put their crib in the far corner of the room, by the patio door. Once they're asleep, we turn the TV so it's angled away from them and watch it with cc or the sound down low. We've also taken turns heading out of the room to run errands or visit the lounge for a little bit. Or just go to bed ourselves! :thumbsup2

    I've seen others put a blanket over the crib to keep it dark, or put the crib in the closet or the bathroom. There's not room for the crib to go in the closets in CR, but if you don't need the bathroom or can be really quiet using it, that may be a good option as CR has a bathroom door that closes to the room.

    Is your son in your lap or in his own seat on the plane? If he has his own seat, bring the car seat and strap him in! :)

    We had our kiddos in our lap at that age for the plane ride. My husband boarded first with all the stuff and I waited until the last minute with the baby to get out all the energy we could. Our daughter slept for part of the plane ride both ways which was amazing! But I packed a few small toys and LOTS of snacks to keep her entertained. And me; if all else fails I will sing itsy bitsy spider 100 times if it keeps my kiddo entertained and not screaming. I would suggest a small set of stacking cups ( as one of the toys you bring. We used these on the plane, in restaurants, in the bath, everywhere. A chew toy and maybe a favorite book. I've also used a stack of small post-it notes that they can stick everywhere without damaging anything. But really, our kids are pretty entertained by snacks, so anything that takes a long time to eat like rice puffs or cheerios are a good option.

    Good luck - it's going to be a great vacation!
  6. KrazeeK120

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    Feb 29, 2012
    We drive (16 hours!), so I can’t help with the travel stuff, but I’ll try to offer some insight.

    We went when our son was 18 months old and rented a full size crib from Kingdom Strollers. We thought he’d be most comfortable in a full size crib as that’s what he is used to at home. The mattress and bedding were wrapped in plastic - their website says they clean the stuff after each use, and there was a separate bag to put the linens in after use. I was very happy with the crib and my son slept great in it! Unfortunately, he did contract a respiratory infection at Disney and was subsequently hospitalized for a day. I’m pretty germaphobey, but I’m sure the parks are disgusting (probably more so than the room, really).

    We stayed at WL and hung out on the balcony after our son went to sleep. I’m not sure what you mean by “standard” room at the Contemporary. Will you be in the garden wing? If so, request a first floor room as those have patios. All of the rooms in the tower have balconies. Otherwise, I just kind of browsed the web on my phone after he went to bed. DH and I also took turns exploring the resort. My kid sleeps through everything...thunderstorms, our alarm system malfunctioning, you name it. I wasn’t too worried about waking him.
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    Jun 12, 2013
    - Amazon definitely. I agree that the pouches are best. A bit lighter and you don't necessarily need a spoon.
    - I used the pack n play BUT its hard. So we always added an extra mattress to the pack n' play. I believe I paid about $20 for one on amazon awhile back. I know that there are some concerns about the extra mattress and SIDs but my kid wouldn't sleep on the PP without it. They give you clean sheets and I felt more than comfortable use it.
    - Agree with the poster above requesting first floor if you are @ the garden..... We usually have a glass of wine or cup of tea and hang out on the patio or the balcony. We also bring ipads and headphones so that we can watch netflix or listen to podcasts in the room.
    -Plane ride.... I would pack a bag of different things to distract him. If possible - new things b/c these are more exciting. (Or hide stuff for awhile so it seems new). Pipe cleaners were always particularly enticing for my daughter! Cheap, lightweight and endless possiblities. We also had these books that kind of looked and felt like paper but couldn't tear. The best thing about flying to Disney with a kiddo is that most of the people on the flight are flying with kids too. So everyone is in the same boat!
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