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florida sun

Mrs Christopher Eccleston wannabe!
May 2, 2004
Hi Guys

Just popping on to see how you are all doing? Ive had a mixed bag these past few weeks, firstly I lost my darling Step Mum just 10 months after losing my beloved mother and just a month before that my best friend best friend, so that hit hard:sad:

Then took myself off for a week to London to see my daughter and was mugged in broad daylight, they managed to get my iphone X off me and although I was pushed and blocked by 2 out of the 4 doing it, I wasnt hurt but it knocked me for six. Had to spend the whole week trying to secure accounts and sorting everything out. :mad:

That said, I have just come back form a great week away to Portugal with friends and had a fabulous time, sun was shining and it was just the break I needed.:beach::beach:

The diet has gone south at the moment though as the food and drink was too good in Portugal, never mind I shall start again next week as I need to get myself fit and back on track for my trip to WDW in November, so that is something to look forward to.:jumping2::jumping1:

Hope you are all well.:thumbsup2


Stranger from the outside
Apr 2, 2002
And there I was imagining you were having a good time. :hug:

I'm glad you've managed a good week in Portugal.

Sending lots of hug your way :hug: xx


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