This Trip Report Is Under Refurbishment For Your Future Enjoyment (UPDATED 1/16)

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    Sounds like your trip to the World went as smoothly as possible- good decisions along the way!

    CSR looks nice and the pool sounds like a lot of fun.

    Bueno if we want stick with the theming.

    Have to say I am jealous that you are able to get pictures of all the kids together. I haven't been able to get mine to willingly pose for pictures since the oldest turned 13 and I just have 2!

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    Careful, there…
    You don’t really want us to start retaliating in kind.

    It wouldn’t be pretty.

    The one where you didn’t go broke and were actually able to walk from one place to the next without being crushed by a stampede of the masses?

    I remember that right clearly.

    We want’s the Red Head!

    I’m not questioning that Freudian Slip, just acknowledging the premium required for the experience.
    And yes… we all give it up for that experience.

    The Maniacal Mouse…

    The devil we know.
    (and knowing is half the battle)

    A few more price increases and they may well make the choice for me.

    Close to it, but not “quite” yet.

    Doofenshmirtz’s latest diabolical invention must have backfired once again…

    About 1% or less, but…
    Principles matter.
    all victories against such a worthy foe are to be celebrated.

    (depending on how things pan out, I may need to orchestrate a similar bit of circumvention)

    You mean the lie that they’re telling.
    (and it’s about time we start calling them out when we see ‘em)

    The justification (apart form added profit) is to discourage folks from driving their own vehicle, thus making it more difficult to leave property (captive audiences don’t spend money at the Dark Side).

    Up until the point where they see someone else making a dollar that could have theirs.

    ‘Cause that’s really why we’re here anyway.

    More like guide lines…

    But there is a situation where that little guide line tends to morph into a commandment…

    And that was it.

    Sometimes it takes several cups.
    But once we see the kid’s reactions, it tends to help force the caffeine into the system a bit quicker.
    (assuming that they do react)

    I’ve got’s some bad news for you here…

    Never mind, you’ve got it figured out already.

    So long as you can convince the Faison Committee to issue a temporary exception allowing it.

    The most lasting lessons are generally those derived through grievous amounts of suffering

    No foolin’ that boy.
    He knows what’s really important.

    My young’un is an international grand master of this skill.

    Make sure to have a life-size copy of that one made to display prominently at all of his future life events.

    When he takes kids down there…

    (especially that last one)

    Or as Walt would say…
    To “Plus” the experience.

    Did not know that one…
    Ya’ got love old school mechanical improvisation.

    Kind’a like flying to the moon with tech that’s barely a step removed from thermos bottles and a pocket calculator.

    Confession time…
    While I have pictures of the boy and his mom on this ride (squirreled away somewhere)
    They’re from the ground

    Because I’ve never ridden that one.

    Alfred Hitchcock would approve.

    Bet that conundrum has been keeping the imagineeres up at night.

    Still not bad for standby

    Now we could discuss whether the attraction is worth it
    but everyone should hit it at least once.

    Throw her under the bus… err… mine-car….

    But we’re all counting on Shirley.

    And make sure you don’t order the fish.

    Does present quite the conundrum…

    I thought it was supposed to be a whole new world.

    And roasting of minstrels…

    And retrieving of shrubberies…

    And lobbing of hand grenades…

    Donuts.... errrrr... I mean
    Dole Whip...
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    It really does. I find that it keeps the novelty alive. I think it would lose that if I went every year.


    Oh, I have no doubt! Gotta pay for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge somehow.

    Don't give them any ideas.

    We'll follow that next time.

    Yep. Gotta start with the castle.

    Well, I thought everyone had seen Pop Tarts before.

    Let me know how that works out for you! :rotfl2:

    Am I sure? No, I'm not sure! :rotfl: We got there just after park opening. How's that? :laughing:

    Every so often, a blind squirrel finds a nut.

    I'm so glad we just rolled with it.

    But I wanna go on RIDES!

    I think he was.

    He was doing so well. It was definitely a risk.

    We needed calories. Those fit the bill.

    Talk about going from the outhouse to the penthouse!

    You're on target with one of those guesses.

    Yeah, having an annual pass (and being close enough to use it frequently) would definitely change my thoughts as well.

    We captured his best side! :rotfl2:

    I dunno, that trip was pretty expensive. :rotfl:

    But we do love the photo!

    I'm guessing you'll knock those out in short order.
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    Well...we have some work to do to be able to do that. I'll explain in a few chapters. :rolleyes1

    Good! Just expect more construction than what I showed.

    ::yes:: Such a great day trip for us.

    :rotfl2: Well said!

    Mmm...snot rocks...

    First trip, you have to go see the castle.

    Yep. But hey, you can get your $tarbucks!

    That's what I was trying to say. I love knowing how they pulled it off.

    It'll be here in a flash.

    I'll take a Dole Whip over champagne anywhere!

    Don't tell anyone, ok?

    Well, he had a good reason!

    That makes sense. The loading/unloading of ECV's is something I wish they had a better solution for. I don't have any good ideas, though.

    It seemed like one of those "first trip" things.

    Welp, time to go home.

    I keep cracking up when I see it.

    ::yes:: Plus, that's the best the line will be all day.

    I mean, they're bathrooms, so I'm not looking to spend much time there. But the posters were funny.


    Not for that ride!


    Good question! I hadn't really noticed her. Poor girl. She looks depressed. Or sick.
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    14 shifts over the last 13 days. oy.
    I need another vacation.

    You're welcome!!!! :goodvibes


    And as a kid, I loved the local fair... but now as an adult I see how scuzzy it is. Disney has never changed in that regard.

    <sigh> Yeah...

    Just how big a yacht does each board member really need?

    Yes. To all of that.

    Smart. Perhaps easy to predict for you... but I certainly didn't think of that.
    Then again... I don't think (since I had no plans to go) I was aware of the fee until just around the time it was implemented.


    Yep. I tried to find it on Google... but I do know I've read that in the UOG.

    Good point. And there was something about being welcomed before you went in the park.

    In 20 years, you are still going to love that shot. That supposed "perfect" shot would be long forgotten.


    I just love all of it. The clock tower, the bridge, the moving "cars"...

    I've met her. I believe you!

    :laughing: Poor Drew!


    Could be. I don't like whitewashing history. It happened. Deal with it.

    Strong possibility of early May with Elle. Just trying to figure out a few details. She's getting her first degree (Arts) this spring so it's a reward... and an excuse for me to go again. ;)
    No dates yet, but probably May 1-5 or something like that.
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    I was hoping to get some pointers from your TR - when you get to that part.

    Better.:laughing: I am usually the last person to notice something like that.
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    Hey! :mad: Let's not throw in all Evil Corporate Bean-Counters...just the Disney ones.

    Awesome! I love it!

    The forced perspective on Beast's Castle is so, um, forced, that they don't seem out of place to me. They look like crows sitting on an oddly-shaped model of a castle.

    I'm sure your other kids warned Drew that he'd better like PB&J, he's gonna be eating it for a long time. :laughing:
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    There were a lot of people who were much happier clicking on the auction on eBay and getting one for $150. Then again we got four for that price. Actually less.

    I can often sleep past 9:00, especially when I had a trying day the day before.

    We aren't necessarily tied down, but I like the idea that I can go to WDW almost whenever I want.

    And now in October we are bringing a different friend.

    No, but it's really really cool, and we could probably sell one to make up for the price of purchasing all of them. Plus we had our tablets and were entertained and we got to eat Earl of Sandwich while waiting in line.

    At least we didn't get up at 2AM and wait until 7AM when the mug sales opened. We got there at noon and were through the line at 4PM. The ones who waited the longest were the ones who showed up at 5AM and they waited 6 hours. Some folks waited 5 hours and had to bail because they had pick up kids at school or some other commitment.
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    Thanks, Jeff.

    Interesting. Being a rule-follower, I would be honest as well. But it sounds like it's really easy to cheat on the fee.

    I figure MK has to be first if it's your first-ever visit. But after that, it's all about efficiency and avoiding crowds for me. I like all of the parks, so I'm happy to start with any of them.

    Oh, he was awake. Believe you me.


    Well, you have to empty pockets for the metal detector. So I would do that if asked. But I was just so happy to avoid the bag lines.

    That's our family in all its glory.

    I love learning Imagineer tricks!

    As @glennbo123 pointed out, this one is REALLY forced.

    Not for that ride, no. It was more of the uncertainty every time they announced a delay.

    Yeah, I don't know what the story is there.

    My favorite line about the new scene (I forget where I heard it): At the end, the pirates will now plant trees and participate in a recycling program.

    This is the same thing women would tell me when I asked them out. I think a lot of them must have clean hair! :rotfl2:

    ::yes:: If it doesn't, something is wrong.

    Oh, we'll have a 20-minute slideshow by that point. :rotfl:

    :sad1: You just never know how they're going to react. I think having the peer pressure of older siblings helped.
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    Thanks! We made it in one piece, that was the most important thing.

    I was glad we could at least spend one evening using it.

    They know it's part of the rules!

    Well, that's nice of you. Usually you don't give me a warning.

    We'll never get back there, I'm afraid.

    Well, you're getting a different one!

    :rotfl2: I guess that was a rather appropriate typo.

    Still sucks, though.

    I keep thinking they've reached the tipping point with every fee and increase...and then people go right on paying it.

    Well, they do tend to do that.

    Every little bit counts! And it's more we end up spending in the gift shop.

    None of these are making a better experience for the customer, that's for sure.


    And I figured we were at that point.

    I tend to wake up a little easier on vacation.

    There's always a catch.

    That's part of the upside of being the dad. You're so far down the totem pole nobody even cares what you look like.



    They do it just to annoy us.

    It'll be a long presentation of photos, I think.

    It's so magical!

    It will never cease to amaze me.


    Any particular reason? I mean, it's not a hugely special experience or anything. But it's one of those "classic" Disney rides.

    You have to wonder if they've tried anything.

    I like it as a warmup. Or if I'm using a FP and don't have to wait long.

    Hey, she would do the same to me.

    Ah, yes. I had the lasagna.

    Or at least a new fantastic point of view.

    And death with great big pointy teeth.

    I could sure use one of those.
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    I must be mellowing in my antiquity.

    They’re just shifting their market a smidge.
    The old “Family Entertainment” directive is being more precisely defined as:
    “Top 20% Income Earners Entertainment”

    It’s a more profitable business model, to be sure.
    (just doesn’t necessarily include me in all cases)

    First rule of business

    Depends on the Fashion committee…
    My “appearance” could reflect badly on her, ya’ know.

    A fairly regular exchange that occurs in our house goes like this:
    Management: “Is that what you’re wearing?”
    Addled Flunky: “Well, not any more…”

    While that last story is irrefutable true…
    It’s just about that the only thing we ever disagree on, and has about as must jest in it as seriousness (not to mention, I really don’t care anyway). If that’s the only thing we ever “argue” about (and it pretty much is), then I can count myself as one lucky addled flunky.

    The Prime Directive of kids the world around.

    Remember… I’m an antique.
    The park didn’t exist until I was already old enough to say “That’s a kiddie ride”.
    So no interest until I was a parent.

    Took our young’en there when he was 5-ish to let mom and the boy ride. I would have had to take up a whole car to myself (and there was still only one ride platform and no FPs at the time) so I figured that given the glacial load times of the thing it’d been a mite unfair to all the other parents trying to give their kids the experience.

    By the time we got back down there again, my boy was old enough to say “That’s a kiddie ride”.
    Needless to say, subsequent trips have seen us pretty much ignore healthy swaths of the F.L. area.

    That said, now that I can date my wife again, I may need to take her on it at some point.

    As would my Missus…
    The difference is that you and I generally deserve it.

    What an eccentric performance…
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    Ouch. Too soon.

    And yet, somehow MK on the first day has become tradition for Joe and I. But I've also told people he's really just a big toddler so.....

    Seriously. Once in a museum gift shop, he saw a toy he thought looked cool and bent down to reach for it, not seeing the merchandise hook. Got a nice little gash on his forehead.

    There really was. I keep telling myself we'll get up early and catch the new show, but honestly especially now with FP+ we're starting to miss rope drop more and more.

    That's my favorite part too! And for the same reason! Joe likes it because I told him that when they were building WDW, most of the crew was from California (for obvious reasons) and used to hide Coors light in the parts for Peter Pan so it got shipped to the east coast.

    We got stuck in line once right before a storm. But we'd just redeemed our FP for it, and the CM had told us that since it had been redeemed we wouldn't be issued one of the magical anytime replacement FPs. So we sat (luckily they re-worked the line so everyone could wait indoors) and waited it out. For them to then close the ride and issue us all anytime FPs

    This photo just melts my heart every time :lovestruc
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    Nov 10, 2008
    We're just too tired to do anything. I said, it's feeling more like a playground for the rich. Makes me sad.

    I think Julie gave up on me. I mean, look at me. It's not like dressing me up is going to improve the appearance in any way.

    Little punks.

    Makes sense. And you're not wrong in your assessment. I've had plenty of visits where I avoided it altogether.


    Ok, you're probably right.


    But did he get the toy? Priorities, people.

    I still want to make rope drop. I just don't care about the show.

    Now that's a story I didn't know!

    :sad2: There has to be an easier way.

  15. Captain_Oblivious

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    Nov 10, 2008
    Chapter 3: Chinese (and German, Mexican, Polynesian, Italian, and American) Water Torture

    Where was I? Oh, right—eating my Dole Whip.

    Mmmm….Dole Whip…

    Huh? Where was I? Oh, right—eating my Do—

    We’d better move on before I get caught in an endless loop there. Of course, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to be caught in an endless loop of Dole Whips for all eternity.

    Mmmm…Dole Whips…

    Gah! Snap out of it!

    We left Adventureland and began moving towards Fantasyland once more, as we had our first FP of the day back at Peter Pan, which Drew was looking forward to riding again. We told him to look for Cinderella Castle along the way.


    Yep, still there.

    We arrived somewhat early for our FP window, so we needed something to do in the meantime. We looked around and saw the Tangled Tinkle Spot and It’s a Small World.

    We chose the Tinkle Spot. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

    Unfortunately, after that we still had time to kill. It’s a Small World had only a 15-minute wait.

    I proposed that we just hang out by the entrance to Peter Pan. Maybe do some people-watching. But then someone said the magic words—“boat ride”—to Drew, and just like that he was begging to go on a boat ride. Amidst my family’s admonishments of, “It’s not that bad,” and “Drew’s never been on it before,” I reluctantly got in line.

    It had been 12 years since I’d last ridden It’s a Small World, way back in 2006. Check that—it had been a wonderful, glorious 12 years spent completely avoiding this infernal torture arena. My favorite visit to this “attraction” had taken place way back in 2010:


    And now, here I was, trudging down the ramps to the Slow Boats of Constant Repetition. Resigned to my fate, I sat in the boat and sailed around the world for the next ten endless minutes while dolls danced to the same tune, over and over and over and over. And as I mentally willed the boat to suddenly grow an outboard motor, I had an epiphany.

    Those of you who love this attraction are right. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying. It’s really not all that annoying.


    Ok, I’m lying. It really is that annoying. But even though I scrambled out of the boat at the end as though they had offered free bacon to the first one out, I realized that It’s a Small World is not far from being a great ride—maybe even a headliner. And Disney already has the technology to make it work. Several years ago, the DIS Dads had tossed around this idea, and I think it’s time to try it out. You already have a ride with laser cannons: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. How hard is it to make more laser cannons? Attach them to the boats, put targets on the dolls, throw in a few explosive/depth charge special effects, and voila! It’s a Small War. Best. Ride. Ever.

    We used our FP’s on Peter Pan, and Drew was excited to ride this time. In general, we found that the second time through was the best ride for Drew. He knew what to expect and wasn’t apprehensive in the least. He could just sit back and enjoy the experience.

    We continued our tour of Fantasyland by taking advantage of the never-crowded Mickey’s Philharmagic.


    This is always cute and entertaining, but this time around it felt like the attraction needed some TLC. I always have trouble with 3D glasses due to the fact that I have to put them over my regular glasses, so there’s usually a tiny spot I have to hyper-focus on in the center of my view where everything looks clear. This time around, everything looked really murky. I don’t know if it’s the projection that is the problem or if they just need new glasses, but it was hard to make out what was going on. Despite that, Drew loved it. He thought it was really funny when Donald got blasted through the back wall of the theater.

    On a visit later in the week, Julie took Drew by herself and said the view was much better from the back of the theater. So keep that in mind if you find yourself there.

    It’s not a Disney trip until you start taking Stupid Hat Photos®.


    Yeah, when it’s 95 degrees out and 95% humidity, there’s nothing I want more than a thick woolen hat.

    At that point, it was time to split up. Julie, Drew and I had a FP for the Barnstormer, continuing the theme of “warmup” rides for the little guy. Sarah, Dave and Scott had a separate FP for Splash Mountain. Sarah had ridden that one way back in 2006 on our first Disney trip, but the boys had never been on it and were eager to correct that oversight. I think the kids were also looking forward to the fact that we were letting them go by themselves. No adult supervision. As they left, they looked something like this:


    We started to remind them to stick together and send us a message when they were don—oh, they’re already gone.

    We walked over to the Barnstormer with Drew, trying to get him pumped up for the next ride. It’ll be just like the Mine Train! Lots of fun! He couldn’t wait. We got up to the gate and showed him the ride, and we watched one of the “planes” swoop along the tracks.

    Drew: “No! I don’t want to ride this.”

    Um…ok. That was unexpected. Julie and I kept sweet-talking him. “It’ll be fun!” “You loved the Mine Train!” “It’s not even as big as the Mine Train!”

    No dice. He wanted nothing to do with the Barnstormer. We even got to the point where we started carrying him up the path to the ride, figuring we’d just make him go and he’d find out he liked the ride afterwards (please get those Parents of the Year nomination forms ready). That quickly devolved into a full-on screaming, kicking temper tantrum—and it wasn’t even me this time! Drew fought and fought until we finally gave up.

    Looking back, we think the problem was that the Barnstormer tracks are up in the air. Just poles supporting it, with lots of open space underneath. So where the Mine Train is all built on hills, the Barnstormer looks like it’s way up in the air to a little kid. Therefore, much less safe. That’s our theory, anyway.

    We wandered around Tomorrowland and in the shops for a bit. There’s a lot of truth in this t-shirt:


    There was also some lady riding around in a truck, inspecting guests to make sure they weren’t wearing capes.


    Eventually we met up with the big kids back at the Barnstormer. They pronounced Splash Mountain to be “excellent”. Unfortunately, they didn’t scan their ride photo, so I have no evidence that they actually rode it. For all I know, they spent their time throwing popcorn at people riding by after the drop.

    The wait for the Barnstormer was only 5 minutes, so our FP’s really weren’t necessary. We tried convincing Drew to go again, but he wouldn’t budge. So I rode it with the big kids. We thought maybe if they went on it, Drew would be convinced to give it a go.

    That’s a negative, Houston. Mission aborted.

    The big kids went on it again with Julie and then we moved on. We found something a little more Drew’s speed.


    I’ve always like the Peoplemover. I know it’s not all that exciting or anything, but the nerd in me likes the fact that it’s powered by electromagnets. It also gives you a chance to rest weary legs while the scenery changes around you. And it’s pretty great scenery.



    At one point, the ride completely stopped while we were inside Space Mountain, in pitch darkness. Thankfully, the emergency lights came on before Drew could get too worried about the dark. The big kids were incredibly nervous and fearful, however.


    We weren’t stuck for very long. We had one more FP to use, on the Buzz Lightyear ride.

    I may look like a mild-mannered guy, but at heart I’m very competitive. I hate losing at anything. My family has learned that it’s just best for me to avoid playing board games altogether because I’m such a poor loser. When you introduce me to a ride like Buzz Lightyear, where you can actually score points, well…there’s only one acceptable outcome.


    I also learned a while back that it was possible to max out the score on Buzz, so this immediately became a life goal for me.

    I’m not a very ambitious person.

    So that’s two goals: beat the rest of the family at the game and max out the score, if possible. Now I’m reaching that point in middle age where the kids are almost as big as I am, and they’re all faster. So winning at sports doesn’t come nearly as easily as it used to, which is why I now avoid playing sports with them. Again, please submit those Father of the Year nominations prior to the deadline.

    Anyway, when you are physically outmatched in competition, you must resort to the one alternative that remains: cheating. I started studying months before our trip, watching YouTube videos with the intensity of Kevin Costner watching the Zapruder film in JFK. I had every high-value target memorized. And if the kids asked where the targets were, I would actually tell them, because I’m an idiot a big softy trying to make it seem like a fair fight when I claim victory later.

    We scanned our Magic Bands and set off into the galaxy to do battle with Zurg. And I did…okay. I hit a couple of high-value targets and got over 300,000.


    I had forgotten how hard it was to figure out which red dot in the dozens of red dots flashing on the walls was actually yours. Also, I had to steer and keep adjusting the vehicle’s position and it’s hard to do that an aim at the same time. Also, the sun was in my eyes.

    Thankfully, my score was enough to beat everyone out, and they were all thoroughly impressed with my victory, by which I mean they rolled their eyes and starting walking away without me.

    We had covered a great deal of the Magic Kingdom at this point—just about everything you can do with a little boy without getting on the Mountains. There was only one “big” ride left: the Haunted Mansion.

    This was a dilemma, given his reaction to the Barnstormer. On the one hand, he’d done so well with almost all of the rides—even Pirates and the Mine Train. On the other hand, we didn’t want to re-live the Barnstormer meltdown.

    We had “trained” him for the rides by showing him a lot of videos on YouTube prior to our trip. I know this is “spoiling” the ride for him ahead of time, but in the case of a 4-year-old, I think it works well to calm the nerves. He had watched the Haunted Mansion and had expressed interest in trying it…at the time.

    So we asked Drew if he wanted to try it, and he said yes. When we got there, the line was posted as a 20-minute wait. We jumped in.


    I figured if we could get Drew through the opening stretching room scene (specifically the part where the lights go out and there’s a scream) then we’d probably be ok. So when we got to the room, we tried to focus his attention on the paintings rather than listen to the Ghost Host. The scream came as a surprise, but it was over quickly. He seemed a little spooked, but walked with us to get on the Doom Buggies.

    Sarah was walking a bit ahead of us and got on the conveyor belt. Just after that, a CM put her arm across the line and asked me to wait a bit. So Sarah ended up getting a private ride several cars ahead of us. She waved, so we had that going for us, which was nice.

    We tried to point out the “silly” things happening along the way for Drew. By the time we got to the dining room and the dancing ghosts and he spotted the Hidden Mickey on the table, we knew we had it made. As it turned out, Drew loved the Haunted Mansion.


    It was now time for dinner. When I’d originally made my reservations, I’d planned to go back to an old favorite, the Whispering Canyon Café in the Wilderness Lodge. We’d always had a lot of fun with the antics of the wait staff there. Then, about a month before our trip, Disney announced that they would be “enhancing the guest experience” by toning down the antics. In other words, some stick-in-the-mud guests thought it was too loud and they ended up winning the argument.

    Well, the food there wasn’t enough of a draw by itself. We decided it wasn’t worth going if it wasn’t going to be any fun. So we changed the reservation and mourned the loss of yet another little bit of enjoyment from Disney World.

    My parents had flown in that day and were entering the park for the first time in the evening. We met them for dinner at The Plaza on Main St. We’d never eaten there before.


    We did the standard Save-The-Family-$18-Right-Off-The-Bat trick by ordering water for everyone. Being that this was an ice cream parlor, we gave thought to dessert, but that could also add up quickly on the bill. Then I saw that the milkshakes were bottomless. I pulled off my shoes and socks so I could do some quick math. According to my calculations, bottomless milkshakes = unlimited ice cream. So if I got one milkshake, I could pass it around the table, everyone could get some, then I could get a refill (of a different flavor, too!) and repeat….

    Yep, the math checked out. One milkshake would serve as the family dessert.

    As we waited, Sarah grabbed the crayons they had given Drew to keep him occupied. She looked out the window and just started doodling on her napkin.


    A few minutes later, just as dinner was being served, she had produced this:


    This young woman just stuns me. She's an amazing talent.

    I got a burger piled high with pulled pork, since I’m now taking cholesterol medication that magically counteracts anything unhealthy in my food. The burger was pretty good. The milkshake was better.


    Julie tried the fried green tomato sandwich. She said it was decent, but a pale shadow of the ones her mom used to make.


    I think everyone else had standard burgers except for Sarah, who couldn’t resist an order of the loaded bacon cheese ranch fries. She seemed very happy with her choice.


    Overall, the Plaza was deemed “pretty good”. I’d go back; I don’t know that I’d make it a priority.

    Dusk began to fall, and my parents were off to ride Pirates and anything else they could squeeze in before calling it a night. We could see the crowds gathering for the nighttime shows already.


    We decided to head back and get some rest. It had already been a long, very successful day getting Drew acclimated to the rides. And we’d have a long week ahead of us. We stopped for some photos on the way out. Drew seemed happier here.



    We took the bus back to Coronado. It was a muggy night, and the air was still. There’s something about Disney Parks lit up at night.


    Everyone was excitedly re-capping the events of the day, looking forward to Epcot in the morning. No more training days for Drew—now it was time to have the full Disney Experience. Drew, for his part, couldn’t wait.




    Come to think of it, I’m not as young as I used to be. That was a lot of walking, especially in Florida heat. My feet hurt. I’d like to change my clothes. Maybe if I just lie down for a sec—


    (whispers) Coming Up Next: We head to Epcot. Should we tell Drew how fast Test Track goes?
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2018
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  16. StarWarsMomofGirls!

    StarWarsMomofGirls! DIS Veteran

    Oct 16, 2015
    We love that show but it does, it needs an update. I can't remember if it was a just a rumor, but I think I heard that it might be getting an update. Which would be awsome.

    Ha! I know Morgan and Gwen will love being let "free" like that in the park one day.

    Ha, as family should.

    It sounds like they have already gone back to normal. I think they realized early on that like you said, the food isn't good enough to get people there alone.

    Great photo.

    I feel like the Plaza is just that, good food. And simple food. I really liked the fried green tomatoe sandwich but my mom never made them, so I don' thave to compare them to.
  17. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Cruel. Cruel to bring that up.

    Like you could stop that.

    Even before I read that... that's exactly what I thought.


    Hard to spot. You have to really look hard.

    Bathrooms over IASW?

    Oh, yes.

    Dang it!

    They fight dirty.

    I like that.

    You had a good run going.


    This is why I now always... ALWAYS take not only my phone... but my earbuds with me when I visit MK.
    In case some party member insists we go on... at least I can watch the heavy metal dolls head bang to decent tunes.

    It's not?


    I could've sworn it was.

    That's it?
    I tend to move faster when getting off that ride.


    Not bad! But... you still have to wear earbuds/headphones.


    It's been a while for me too.
    Shame if that's the case.

    Well... it is funny. Maybe the best part of the whole show.

    Noted. Thanks.


    Well, yeah. It helps to keep the sweat out of your eyes.

    Ah yes... I remember the first time we let the kids go off on their own. The term "disbelief" rings a bell.

    :laughing: ::yes:: I remember that look well.


    Uh, oh...


    Oh, man.

    I suspect... now hear me out... but I think... it might be possible... that he didn't want to go.

    Could be wrong.

    Actually... that makes sense.

    I think that may be the first time I've ever said that to anything you've written.



    I can see that.


    Too bad.
    Would've been fun to see.

    You can do this? Sign me up!

    Obligatory foot shot... with added child bonus.


    OMG! Look at them panicking! Waving for help! The feigned look of happiness as they blithely descend into madness.

    The horror.

    Um... sure. Let's go with that's what you look like.


    Me too... but I keep forgetting to cheat.

    Wise decision.
    "It's too easy to beat you. I've stopped embarrassing you. Rejoice."

    Get in line.

    There it is.

    That's the one with all the water, right?

    And you prayed that they'd forget.

    Yeah... I get that too.
    "I think I'm aiming over there..."

    uh huh... next you'll say the sun was in your eyes.

    Knew it!!!


    A prize worthy of your prowess.

    oooooh... yuss...

    I think it's a great idea, actually.

    Yep. If he can do that, the rest is pretty benign.

    is that code for "chased after us, screaming and crying"?


    I've since heard that they reinstated the shenanigans.

    Me neither. Might in May, however.

    What do you do if you have to go above 22?

    Can you do that?
    The server didn't... I dunno, say you couldn't?

    hmmm... there's a burger patty under the cheese, right?

    Of course not.
    No one makes anything like mom does.

    Sarah is smart. Dang that looks good.

    Hmmm... not exactly the highest of praise.

    I like the other photo better. This is not Christmas card worthy.

    ::yes:: :cloud9:

    :laughing: Awwww... poor l'il guy.

    No sleep like a Disney sleep.

    Sure! If anything, exaggerate it. Tell him occasionally people get thrown from it, just to make it sound really exciting!
  18. QueenJen

    QueenJen Mouseketeer

    Sep 2, 2012
    The photo of a happy dad! Great shot - and great idea to stop for a pic.

    Not feeling the magic. I feel for both Drew and you guys - hope everyone bounce back quickly.

    I really miss that and the skyway at DL.

    Decent score - where is the ride photo of you in action? I'm always trying for the max score and have yet to succeed. DH doesn't really care for this ride and it's frustrating if he beats me.

    Fantastic - always a good ride. Glad he liked it and it will hopefully be in the list of approved rides for future visits.

    I can't help but notice that you look less than thrilled - while hogging the milkshake.

    Very talented - just a simple little doodle. :faint: I can't even draw a decent stick figure.


    You just wish that could've been you at that moment.

    lol - see above comment.
  19. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    I don’t know how I missed all this!

    She’s definitely a talented young lady.
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  20. QueenJen

    QueenJen Mouseketeer

    Sep 2, 2012
    I thought the same thing - I read this last night and came back to comment today - I didn't remember seeing this last night.
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  21. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious DIS Dad #257

    Nov 10, 2008
    You're not crazy. It was something I had wanted to include in the chapter and completely forgot at the time. So I went back and edited the chapter later.
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