The Great FastPass Debate

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by Princess Perfection, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Princess Perfection

    Princess Perfection Earning My Ears

    Apr 4, 2019
    With only a few days remaining before I can start planning my fast passes, I am stuck on of course the most coveted, TOY STORY LAND. For most, it’s easy, Slinky Dog, but I am a single mommy with a cute little lady who will only be 4 years old at the time we go. My daughter is tall enough to ride, but I don’t know how thrilling it is. So I came here to ask, is Slinky Dog too thrilling for the younger crowd, is it too fast, jerky, or whip like? My daughter keeps telling me yes she wants to go on from the point of view videos I had her watch, but I don’t think she understands how large this ride really is... and it will be incredibly annoying if I get the fast pass, get all the way up there just to find out she would rather do Aliens or even just Toy Story Mania. Help me... please.
  2. Meglen

    Meglen DIS Veteran

    Jul 16, 2016
    Pretty sure slinky dog would be an amazing first rollercoaster. It's smooth and not super fast.
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  4. buzzrelly

    buzzrelly DIS Veteran

    Nov 20, 2005
    We are here now and went on SDD 4 times yesterday. My mom and I are planning on bringing my niece who will be 4.5 next year so we were looking at the little kids to kind of compare her size to them. There were a LOT of little kids around her age going and I didn’t hear one of them crying not to go on or even crying when they got off.

    If she is tall enough, I would make the SDD fastpass.
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  5. LeslieLou

    LeslieLou Mouseketeer

    Feb 28, 2011
    I agree. It’s great fun but overall very tame. My son as a 4 year old loved thunder mountain and splash. I think those are more thrilling. As mentioned the ride is smooth and there’s not really big drops, just small drops, speed and direction changes
  6. NYCgrrl

    NYCgrrl DIS Veteran

    Jul 13, 2017
    She should be fine but if she gets up close and changes her mind it's only a wasted FP.
    Since this a worrying concern for you try showing her a SD video on youtube.
    HTH and have fun.
  7. cinderaimee

    cinderaimee Mouseketeer

    Sep 26, 2016
    My 4yo was terrified of Pirates of the Caribbean and LOVED every second of SDD! I'd get the FP!
  8. Etch

    Etch Earning My Ears

    Jan 10, 2018
    I would make the FP for SDD.

    Even if she decided not to ride there is a good chance you could pick up a day of FP for TSM or Alien SS. They are also doable by standby where as the standby line for SDD is typically longer.

    If you book a FP for one of the other TS land rides and then end up wanting to do SDD it will be a lot harder to find a day of FP.
  9. Knriehl85

    Knriehl85 Earning My Ears

    Jun 6, 2018
    We went to Disney a couple months ago with a 4 and 8 year. Hollywood studios was our final day. I did not make fp for slinky dog since I thought it might be to much for my husband and the youngest. Well final day everyone was ready fo slinky dog so we ended up standing in line for over an hour not once but twice. Our fast pass was for toy story mania. Which we loved too.
    So my advice if you think it's going to be to much book your fast pass for something else. Take a look at it if they want to ride then get in line. In all honesty the line for alien swirling saucers was far worse for 20 mins vs the hour+ wait for slinky!
  10. DisneyWishes14

    DisneyWishes14 DIS Veteran

    Nov 21, 2011
    I would book SDD and see how it goes once you get there. As PP's have said, if she decides she doesn't want to do it, the waits for Aliens and TSMM are not as long, plus, you have a better chance of switching SDD FP+ to Aliens or TSMM on the fly than you would switching to SDD.
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  11. Aj1129

    Aj1129 Mouseketeer

    Feb 25, 2017
    We took my DS who was 2 (almost three) at the time on SDD. He was tall enough and wanted to go on so we did! He loved it and still talks about this ride. This is a must do for our summer return trip for our family.
  12. GoofyCoaster

    GoofyCoaster Earning My Ears

    Mar 9, 2019
    Every child is so different. My 4year old was scared by the final drop on splash mountain and the darkness and loud noises on POC. He loves Barnstormer but had zero interest in trying SDD. He took one look at it and said no way. I’ve ridden SDD solo multiple times. It’s really smooth and a nice family coaster with a few thrills. I was a little surprised DS wasn’t interested, although he was tall enough to ride.
    SDD typically has the longest standby wait of the three rides in TSL so the FP gives you the option to ride if your little one wants to. Enjoy your trip!!
  13. VRguy

    VRguy Earning My Ears

    Dec 28, 2018
    I would FP for SDD in case you get there and see that its doable for everyone. It would have the longest standby line anyway, so at least you'd get the most value for your FP.
  14. 4Hawks

    4Hawks Panta Rhei - life is flux

    Feb 22, 2017
    It very much depends on the child. My DD (4) hated SDD, unfortunately, even though she was excited about it before getting on. She screamed the whole time and kept begging me to make it stop. She completely lost it when the ride stopped and then started again. I felt awful about it.
  15. Ben E N

    Ben E N DIS Veteran

    Jul 14, 2017
    It was my at the time 3-year old's first rollercoaster. He also loved it.
  16. ASLDisneyMom

    ASLDisneyMom Earning My Ears

    My niece (6) HATED it. And this was the girl who LOVED Splash Mountain and 7 Dwarves Mine Train. As an adult it was WAY faster than I expected. If you do it maybe make it an end of the trip ride?

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