The ' Do You Know This VMK Player ' Game

  • Raven_the_Bird

    <font color=darkorchid>Don't make me be myself aro
    Feb 17, 2007

    The rules are simple. You write down a player name (not yours ;)) and the person that posts below you will either say if s/he knows or doesn't know that person. Then s/he posts a new name for the person below to do the same.

    While playing this game, please do not:
    • Say the player mentioned scammed you
    • Say nasty/mean/violent comments against a person
    • Mention a name because you want to do a trade with that person
    • Mention a name because you want to get in contact with that person through fansites/aim/etc.
    • Say names of staff members, the person that posted above you, or yourself
    • Make a post that does not continue the game
    • Mention a person's real name, or online name used off of VMK. Let's keep it limited to VMK ' titles '.

    Do you know ProSkater_Dude?
  • Renpener

    I'm Penny, The Cheese and "Dude.all" King!<br><fon
    Nov 12, 2005
    Gosh it's been forever & I just found this.. Do you remember LifesPink 3 years later is the question Renpener hahahah

    Randomly went looking back on VMK memories & ended up here.. Sad day.
    Of course I remember! :)

    PM me and let's catch up


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