The Daily Grind - 1/8/2018

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by Poppins2000, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Poppins2000

    Poppins2000 Life is out there waiting so go and get it!

    Nov 26, 2006

    Hope everyone had a good weekend! Nice restful one here and finally turned the A/C back on last night after four glorious days of having it off :)
    Joe off to day and tomorrow as well. Getting stuff done around the house and then the BAMA vs. Georgia game tonight. As I have several family members in Atlanta that graduated from UGA and a husband and his family born and raised BAMA fans, should be an interesting evening!

    Morning chores
    Water plants
    Once over house
    Vacuum and mop
    Clean all windows on inside and the blinds
    Joe to clean all outside windows and screens
    Joe has other honey do chores
    Maybe scrap this afternoon
    Joe making game day chili for supper
    Championship game tonight

    Have a great day ladies!
  2. mommy2mrb

    mommy2mrb Mama to a Princess - But I'm A Scrap Princess!

    Sep 26, 2004
    Good morning!

    Megan says we are rooting for UGA
    Ended up staying home yesterday. Got through a few more areas of purging.

    Pack lunch
    Megan up and out
    Quick run to grocery store
    Purge scrapbooking stuff
    Work lunches
    Purge desk drawers
    Pick up Megan
    PT appt.
    Sort more photos

    Have a wonderful day!!
  3. Chae

    Chae DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2014
    Morning! It's a balmy 28*!!

    P2000- sounds like a fun time watching the game!
    m2mrb- sounds like you're getting lots done!
    Hi PN96!

    Had coffee with Dsil
    Holding Allison as I type - sure love that little girl:)
    Dsil is coming to scrap with DD and me
    DD put a photo program on my iPad and we got a new printer! I'm loving it!!
    Supper- left overs

    Have a great day!
  4. PrincessNancy96

    PrincessNancy96 Scrapbook Mom Moderator

    Dec 28, 2005
    Sorry for the delay in posting still not feeling 100%.

    Today's agenda:

    print info for my class
    start working on assignment 1 & discussion 1
    order my book for class
    (hate that he waited till late last night to post info so now I'm having t wait for my book)
    get C up for his 3 hour night class
    homework supervisor
    2 loads of towels

    Have a great day1

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