The blue towel people


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Jan 19, 2013
Well I have had them do something multiple times. Though all at rope drop and for FOP. Someone skipped the line that was wandering through Pandora to the very front, cut the rope, so I simply stated something to the CM holding the rope, she said it would be taken care of. Sure enough he was getting on the ride (same pod as me) and they took him off last minute and escorted him out of the line. This happened 2 other times though I didn't say anything those times but they were removed from line.

Oh yeah one time an entire family, 8 people in different waves, did the whole "I'm trying to meet up with my party" in line during a Halloween Party for 7DMT and a CM shut that down quickly. Its just that I'm sure stuff happens a lot and they can't possibly catch them all. I do remind line cutters occasionally that everyone is to enter the line together and line jumping could get them removed from the park (but with the low frequency it affects me I find it more trouble than not).
Nice to see they do stuff. I was on RRC in the single rider line and 2 20 somethings jumped from the single rider line to the regular line, one of them kicking the lady in front of me. I told a CM, who pulled them out of the line, then let them ride a few cars later, so they still got to ride together, and faster than they should have. The CM was nice and let me ride it back to back times as a thank you though.

I am one of those people who move towels on empty chairs. I go to a pool area, swim for about 1/2 hour then pick out chairs that are clearly not being used by anyone in the pool area. I’m often the only one in the pool.

After my 30 minute swim, I get out and move all the saved towels to the dirty towel bin. I set any personal items left on the chairs next to or on top of the dirty towel bins. Now all the chairs are empty. I pick the chair I want and occupy same.

If anyone comes to the pool area, all of the towels have been moved and rarely does anyone say a word. On the few times someone has gotten upset, I either play stupid “There wasn’t a towel on this chair when I sat down” or own it - “There is no such thing as seat saving with a towel” and go back to reading my book.

I wish others would join my campaign against towel bullies! Enough already - if your butt is not in the seat, pool or pool bathrooms, the chair is free for anyone in the pool area to use.

A towel, sunglasses or shoes does not confer ownership of a seat in the pool area!
Agreed. Its one thing to save a chair for someone in your family for a bit or whatever, but when you get to a one hour time frame....

I'm going in Sept and will do the same thing every day, parks for a bit, then pool in the afternoon. Should I go to the pool on my way to the park and 'save a seat' since I will be using it later? There really is no difference between being in the park for a few hours and being in the pool for a few hours. It is still inconsiderate of everyone else.


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