The ABC's of Sauntering Through WDW- J is for: Just Like That, It's Judiciously Ended! (4/23)


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Dec 27, 2013
Either one is nice if the recommendation pans out or the spur-of-the-moment pans out.
This is a truism.

One saunters (or sashays) prior to a meal. Waddles after the meal.
But not long. There's plenty of walking to do in Disney to help ease the burden.

I've always been impressed by their boots. I wonder if they're hard to walk in.
I wondered that too! I suppose kinda like SCUBA fins?

Did you like it???
I did! The theming is very well done!

Whoa that looks good. Where was that?
It's at Baseline Taphouse. The little bar that replaced the Writer's Stop. It was pretty busy and hard to find a table, but a nice enough watering hole to cool off in for a bit. The menu us super limited, but the pretzel I got was big and filling.

I don't get it. Are people that tired that common sense evaporates?
I'm not sure in this day and age if they are ever taught it.

Well, sure. They want to restore all the folks that have melted while waiting for hours in the Florida heat... and to give them a leg up when they get back out into it.

Doesn't work... but that's my theory.
Good a theory as any. m

Um... what????


Is that not scary as hell!?!

Hmmm... as a quadriplegic, though? I think you need to add a few more conditions.
I'd suck at meeting a Genie. I'd really mess it up and end up like Walter Bedecker in Season 1; Episode 6 of the Original Twilight Zone series.

::yes:: Fake it til you make it. (aka, winning the lottery)
.... or Nursing School.

Actually... that sounds pretty darned nice.
Almost as Heavenly as coffee on the balcony at Disney.

I don't have that problem. I just work every single freaking day.

sorry. been a while since I've had a day off.
Will you before you leave??

Pee more when you get old? Depends.

You passed it by!?!?!? Good Lord, girl! It was right there! Now some poor CM has to mop up the floor before someone slips and falls.
Okay, I stopped too. I even washed my hands.

Ah yes. I am familiar with this phenomenon.
Hopefully, I can get some fresh new ones next week!

Whoa! That's impressive. I think I spend that much in a week.
Still trying to pare down the lazy eating out issue, though.

A tiara fit for a queen. :)

Huh... And going with the 1/4... I think it was Irish? Scottish?...

You're a melting pot all by yourself. Which is appropriate in the Florida heat.
25% Scotch
25% English
25% French
25% Belgian
10% Princess


But good for you to actually stop at it this time.
The CM with the mop, following you, thanks you.
It's like I need a feedbag on my face and I'd be just like a Disney horse.

Oh, no! Not again???
Nah, just those 2 times. But I can say it IS at the back of my mind for my trip.


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Dec 27, 2013
My theory regarding artic conditions on busses...

They're trying to prevent people from falling asleep on the busses. Will make it harder on the drivers and the schedule of they have to try to wake folks up.
That's very true. Never stops the kids though who take up 3 seats as they lay on mom or day at the end of the day.
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    Dec 27, 2013
    So I was at the GF waiting for the monorail with that door fell off...It was the last day of my trip and I just wanted to go the MK for a little bit before I had to leave. Nope, didn't make it. :(

    I enjoy Citricos but haven't been there in forever. I need to check it out again one of these days. It's just so close to V&A nirvana that it seems like a cruel tease.

    Jill in CO
    Holy CRAP!!! Just terrible! I'm so glad there wasn't anyone leaning on the doors despite them saying to stand clear.

    I really want to go back to V&A again someday. So loved my meal there!


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    Dec 27, 2013
    Can't wait to give this a try.
    I know you will LOVE it! So, so fun!

    I really hope they have fixed it. I'm sure you'll let us know next month.
    Actually I have NO plans to go to that park at all this trip. Kinda mostly focusing on F&G and AK this time. :) But will in Sept with the kiddos.

    This is what a really love about the resorts. Relaxing and enjoying the music.
    OH for sure!! They are so great that way!

    Thanks for the review.
    You're very welcome!


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    Dec 27, 2013
    Our plan is working!
    LOL!! Someday...

    It's so relaxing in the GF looby! Funny story, on our first Disney trip we stayed at the GF. When we returned from the parks each day, the pianist would be playing in the lobby and Jamie (then 6) would be so mad! He would say "Mummy, can't you make him stop doing that??" To this day I have no idea what he found so annoying.
    That is hilarious!! I can't even imagine WHY that would be so annoying. I guess the end-of-the-day-meltdown was in progress... LOL!

    It is very mellow and relaxing.
    Very much! Very relaxed atmosphere but not stuffy. Quiet and just how I like it.

    Ok, $150/month How??? My food budget is crazy.......if I am under $1,000/month, I am thrilled.
    OUCH!! That's a lot! But I'm just little ol' me and I don't eat a ton.

    I adore halibut, so delicious!
    ::yes:: My favorite fish after salmon.

    Best. Dessert. Ever.:goodvibes This is what I had the night we dined there for the twin's 8th birthday celebrations and I still have fond memories of that dessert. So good!
    I loved it! Very nice indeed!

    I think humans should have 2 for the healthy stuff and one for dessert!
    :laughing: And of course the calories in the auxiliary stomach wouldn't count, right?

    Seriously thinking of getting a TIW card for our trip this summer. Wouldn't it be great if V&A's would accept it??
    Totally paid off for me! Will be using it again this trip for Mom and myself so it should have more than paid itself off by the end of the trip. And yes! Sure would!


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    Dec 27, 2013
    I got the TIW card, but I'm seriously debating its value...

    Sure, I save 20%, but then an automatic 18% gratuity (don't even get me started on AUTOMATIC tips :mad:)

    So...I'm saving 2%. Stellar!

    With AP or DVC, I get 10 or 15% and no automatic tip. I normally tip 20% (or better) anyway, I just strongly object to having the decision/option taken away from me.

    Since one cannot predict whether you'll get good service or not, hard to say if TIW is a good value or not.
    I can say mine definitely paid/is paying itself off. I haven't had out and out BAD service anywhere so am tipping 20 anyway.
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    Dec 27, 2013
    I'm proud of you! Way to finish strong.
    HECK YES!!! Finally someone acknowledges me innate skill at this!

    You're not kidding! I have never understood why they keep the buses at meat locker temperatures.
    I should ask a bus driver. Might actually be interesting to hear what they say. Remember the time I asked that one on this trip about the meaning of the sign in the back and he said, "I have no idea!". :lmao:

    Now that's considerate of you.
    I try to be too big of an oaf.

    Sure! Who wouldn't want to go through life filled with bitterness?
    Exactly. ;)

    Now I'll eat a banana by itself. But I don't want them anywhere near my dessert. And definitely no "banana-flavored" items. :crazy2:
    I need a throw up emoji.

    On your mother's uncle's cousin's sister's roommate's side?
    How did you know?!


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    Dec 27, 2013
    Nope! Excitement not contained. I love your updates! :)
    I'm sorry to see it ending, but glad another is just around the corner. :goodvibes
    I just have to. I'm down to mere days and trying like mad to finish up stuff (some of it a big deal if it doesn't get done) before I go. Making progress, but you know how it is....

    Very nice! I'm sure you guys will have a great time. :)
    I know we will!! Oodles of amazingness planned!! Some of it will blow DISsers' minds!! (I really mean it- some serious pixie dust will be involved in this trip.)

    Yeah, 10 years is a long time.
    (Ha! Didn't think I knew that, huh? But I remember your nursing school time and that was after your time abroad. So... ergo... about 10 years ago.)
    Silly goose. I said HIGH school! And that was about a million years ago!

    nope! it's my Thursday! Day off coming... uh... Thursday... now I'm confused.
    You work a lot and a crazy schedule. I just know I have 5 days of work left now. EEK!!


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    Dec 27, 2013
    I'm happy another will be starting not at all this one is ending.

    I'm a little hurt. I'm looking forward to finally getting to meet you, but I guess the feeling isn't mention meeting all the DISWomen.

    100% teasing.
    EEK! Yes, it's on my list to contact you! :)
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    Dec 27, 2013
    Citricos sounds lovely. I can absolutely relate on the whole food portion topic. Alex and I refer to our eating habits at WDW as our "Disney stomachs." We always eat way more than we normally do. Which is all fine on the trip when we've prepared to indulge, but then we get home and have to re-train our appetites. :rotfl: I'll never forget going out to dinner with my in-laws a few days after our vacation and my sister in-law commenting, "You know you can order the lunch portion for dinner that way it costs less and you'll still have enough to take home." She remembered how little I ate of my meals, but after stuffing my face for a week in Orlando I felt deprived! I had texted Alex under the table, "I'm still hungry! Where's my dessert dining credit?!":laughing:
    :rotfl2::rotfl::lmao: Hilarious!!

    Thank goodness the walkways to the buses at DHS seem to be finished and aren't quite so long. Should hopefully make your trip in a few weeks slightly easier. No guarantee about the monorail doors, though. I'm afraid you're still taking your life into your own hands by boarding the highway in the sky.
    I actually ended up with NO plans at all to go to DHS this trip, so we'll have to see.... in September. ;)

    But I do plan to ride the monorails a bit so... STAND CLEAR!


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    Dec 27, 2013
    What's the drink? It looks good. I'm assuming this is at Baseline Taphouse?
    I'm pretty sure it was this, Jeff:

    California Sunseton tap; Absolut Berri-Acai Vodka, Southern Comfort, Orange Juice, and Sweet-and-Sour with a float of Pomegranate Juice$11.75

    It was pretty good too! Being quite sweet, I think you'd enjoy it. Yes, it was at BaseLine Tap House. :)

    I have to agree. No matter if it's in F or C, those buses are cold!
    I think we all agree, but no one seems to know WHY!!

    I read that Bombardier was awarded a contract to build new ones. I have no idea when that will happen though. Probably not soon enough.
    Oh, that IS interesting! I hadn't seen that. Nice!!

    Oh, I should try that sometime. Look like I can afford to stay there. :)
    LOL!! Nah, just kick the vases to the side and put your feet up.

    I have never been in the GF lobby. I really seems like a nice spot to visit, and much easier than other resorts. I've passed by several times on the monorail of course.
    Oh wow, it is worth seeing at least once. Quite elegant atmosphere and well.... grand.

    Truth! Either from Allears, or from a trip report.
    Allears is a saved tab on my laptop... I have a problem I think.

    Hmmm...I did not know that. I actually make a pretty decent banana muffin though.
    I like those okay, but and here's a big caveat... it's gotta have nuts for me to like it. And warmed with butter or just no.


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    Dec 27, 2013
    Just chiming in to wish you and all of the DISpeeps
    A great trip! I'll be heading West while you are heading East. Any chance you'll be at PDX on the 3rd? We have a 4 hour layover that morning. Maybe we can have a bloody Mary together!
    Thanks, Tammie! It's all coming together and there will be so much magic it'll blow your mind! I can't wait to share all about it!

    With the addition of the 2 days, I'm flying out on the 1st now, so we're just going to miss each other. :(Hopefully soon!


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    Dec 27, 2013
    Did you get the large bread service for yourself? We split that with Jim and Alberto and four of us had a difficult time finishing. Odd about the scallops, I like mine seared kinda crisp and those looked, well soggy.
    LOL!! I did!! I really just wanted to taste all the goodness of it, and wasn't at all concerned with finishing it. I should have asked if they had a small portion for a single diner. Hmm...

    Yes, they were. Just not very good sadly.

    I've never heard of a classic margarita being rimmed with sugar, just the fruited ones. Iink don't think I'd like that cause I like the salty sour taste. Even though it's bad for my blood pressure I still like it!
    It's my own quirky request. I don't like the salt taste so either forego altogether or ask for sugar.

    I've only dined at Citricos once and it was so long ago, I don't even remember! I would like to go back but convincing Fran might be a wee bit tough!
    What would keep her from it?


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    Dec 27, 2013
    J is for: Just Like That, We've Judiciously Ended.
    As they say in the world of overused cliche, all good things must come to an end. Fortunately, there is a bright spot in the shape of a brand new, shiny Trip Report on the horizon. See it? It's over here, no over here! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight about....


    In case you missed it when it started as a PTR a couple of months ago, you're just in time for it to get switched over to the TR side! So, when you get there, welcome Dear Readers, to The ABC's of an EPIC Girls' Trip!

    Meanwhile, let's put some finishing thoughts on last year's October trip that was filled with equally amazing magic.

    Let's start with Story Time with Steppe...

    On one of my saunterings into EPCOT, I was wanting to get some night shots of POFQ and other places I'd be after dark, and that is hard to do without a tripod. I really didn't want to leave the bubble of Disney property so thought I'd check, without much hope at all, at the EPCOT "camera" shop to see if maybe they had a cheap monopod or something. The park was just about closing so there weren't very many other shoppers around when a young lady about 20ish asked if she could help me. I explained that I was hoping they might have a tripod and asked if she knows where any might be sold. She got a quizzical look on her face, and answered, "No, I don't think so." That was the answer I was expecting, so wasn't too surprised, and I started to turn to go. What did surprise me was after a minute or so as I was turning to leave, she continued her answer with...

    "That's that thing you put a camera on, right?"

    "Yes, that's it."

    "Ok, I just wasn't sure."


    Umm, Sweetheart? You work at a camera store. Just sayin'.... It truly was one of most hilarious encounters I've had with a CM. I'm really not trying to mock her, but don't most people know what a tripod is... especially people working in a camera shop?

    So, other random thoughts from this trip in zero order:

    1) It was frustrating, bordering on infuriating on how much time and effort was wasted trying to get my AP worked out. During and AFTER the trip. Literally HOURS were spent on that and I'm really hoping it's all in order on May 1st!!

    2) The TIW card was the best thing since Disney sliced bread. I already close to coming even with it, and will more than surpass it this trip.

    3) AK is still my favorite park aesthetically, but EPCOT was wonderfully enjoyable during F&W. Can hardly wait to take my kiddos there in Sept.
    4) My favorite meal was Brunch at Cali Grill, but Terralina was a fantastic surprise and The Edison was just as great as I'd hoped it'd be!

    5) I discovered the Peter Pan Float and will definitely get another of those next week, and my greedy gut will also be sure to grab another Kusafiri Cinnamon Roll.

    6) My Shop-Around-the-World was a smashing success and I will continue with this tradition again later this year.

    7) POFQ is still a favorite resort and I can easily see myself staying here again. I love it's size, ease of transportation, and theming. Having said that, I'm also pumped to be going to Kidani and Coronado next week and to Caribbean Beach in Sept. as I continue my quest to stay at all the resorts on property.

    8) Things still on my list (it's long so I'll just give the highlights):

    - Dine in the Sky Dinner
    - Tutto Gusto Wine Bar
    - Enzo's Hideaway
    - The Savor the Savanah Tour
    - The standby line at FOP
    - A Best Mac and Cheese Quest
    - A Best Eggroll Quest
    - Tour at Wilderness Lodge
    - A new Tiki mug from Trader Sam's

    9) Discovery Cove was incredibly amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a perfect way to spend an entire day completely relaxing. I do think someday I'll go back.

    10) MNSSHP party is still WAY better than the Christmas party. I still love everything about it and can't wait to go with my kids in September again!

    11) Character Meets still aren't a must-do for me, but I enjoyed the one I had and they're more fun DISBounding.

    12) Favorite rides: FOP, HM, ToT, BTMRR, EE, PoTC in no particular order.

    And that, Friends, is a wrap on this dead fish wrapper. I had a LOT of fun sharing my adventures, and am equally as excited to share the next chapter of Touring with Steppe! I promise to take oodles of photos and should you care to join on the new thread, I'll see you there! Speaking of photos, I'll leave you with a few that either didn't make it in yet:




    I shared them all already. ;)


    Have you ever seen Mr. Potato Head lose his ear?!! I can hear Mrs. Potato Head now, "You never listen!!"

    Yes, it literally popped off while I was standing in line.

    Lastly! Opinions on this! Do you think it was intentional that they put the "Cooties" game at the girls' bathroom? I'm voting yes!, as a hilarious nod to childhood games of "Girls have cooties". Sorry, I probably giggled far too much over this latest sight gag and am pleased that Imagineering hasn't lost their touch. Well done, Disney.

    And with that... see you on the ABC's of an EPIC Girl's Trip!
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    DIS Dad #834 Cubs, Dolphins fan forever
    Mar 12, 2008
    :rotfl2::rotfl::lmao: Hilarious!!

    I actually ended up with NO plans at all to go to DHS this trip, so we'll have to see.... in September. ;)

    But I do plan to ride the monorails a bit so... STAND CLEAR!
    Por favor mantengense alejado de las puertas


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    Sep 25, 2012
    Tutto Gusto Wine
    I cut off the Bar but this you need to try ASAP :thumbsup2 I just did my review in my dining report, we went for the first time in Feb. and it was amazing.

    Lastly! Opinions on this! Do you think it was intentional that they put the "Cooties" game at the girls' bathroom? I'm voting yes!, as a hilarious nod to childhood games of "Girls have cooties". Sorry, I probably giggled far too much over t
    Something I haven't noticed but I agree it was probably intentional and very neat!

    Hey- "See ya real soon" ;)


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    Dec 27, 2013
    I cut off the Bar but this you need to try ASAP :thumbsup2 I just did my review in my dining report, we went for the first time in Feb. and it was amazing.
    Checking it out soon... I gotta get this puppy updated before the Sandman comes.

    Something I haven't noticed but I agree it was probably intentional and very neat!

    Hey- "See ya real soon" ;)
    I'd have loved to have been in on those planning/design sessions. What a kickbutt job.


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